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Life Insurance in California

This is the reason I own California Life Insurance for my family: Stella at 5 weeks and Cooper at 2.5 years.

Buying California life insurance doesn’t need to be a daunting process.

The most important thing to remember is that life insurance is a long term financial commitment.  It is also vital for the financial security of your family should something unfortunate happen to you, and your income is no longer available.

We will provide you with what you need to know so that you can find the best California life insurance policy that suits your individual needs.

Why You Should Use An Independent Agent To Buy Life Insurance In California

You should always use the website of an established independent agent such as Abrams Insurance Solutions when shopping online as you can be assured of receiving the most efficient and cost effective service.

Please feel free to use our Instant Insurance Quote calculator on this web page to see how inexpensive life insurance can be for your family.

Another reason is that you might not be buying the best product available and at the best price.  You also might not be getting an established and financially sound company which means they may not still be in business 10 – 20 years down the road when you need them most.

An independent agent is the best way to buy life insurance.  The reason is that an independent agent such as Abrams Insurance Solutions is the best way to buy life insurance because we have access to over 70 companies.  This means we can not only shop around for the best rates, but we can also find policies that are more suitable for your particular financial needs and situation.

An independent agent must be licensed by the California Department of Insurance and should be experienced enough to fully understand the product lines that each company represents.

Whether you live in San Diego, Orange County or San Francisco, Abrams Insurance Solutions has the knowledge and expertise to help you find the lowest priced insurance policy for your particular circumstances.

An independent agent is clearly the best way to find the best life insurance policy in the state of California.

Where Can I Find The Least Expensive Life Insurance In California?

This is a very common question many people ask, and the best answer we can give you is also another reason why you should use an independent agent.  This is because an independent agent like ourselves can find you the least expensive policy by performing comparison shopping for you.

Each life insurance company is different and the criteria they use to rate a person varies so this affects how much you might be charged for a policy.  An independent agent can look at your individual circumstances such as if you are a smoker, age and weight factors, and any health risks in much greater detail.

Using this information, we can look at the rating charts of each company and find you the least expensive policy available.

Common Questions About Life Insurance In California

One of the biggest questions about buying life insurance is “how much should I buy?”

This is also one of the biggest mistakes people often make when it comes to buying life insurance because most people often don’t buy enough and are underinsured.

To avoid making this common mistake, we suggest you take the time to use our Life Insurance Needs calculator to help you clearly understand how much life insurance you need.

Another common question asked by many people is: “How much will life insurance cost to buy?”  To help you with this common question so you can find out how much you can afford, we suggest that you use the Instant Life Insurance Quote calculator located on this page.  You can instantly check rates from the nation’s leading life insurance companies.

What Kind of California Life Insurance Should I Buy?

There are basically 2 types of life insurance available known as “Term Life Insurance” and “Permanent Insurance.”

Term life insurance is the most affordable form of life insurance and is very basic.  Term insurance is purchased in chunks of time known as a term such as 10, 20, or 30 years, or can even be age specific such as age 65 for example.

You simply choose the amount of insurance you need which is known as the “death benefit” and the amount of time or term that you want the policy in place.  Term insurance may also be converted to a permanent policy which is a convenient option should your health deteriorate and you want to continue coverage.

The other form of life insurance, which is known as “Permanent Insurance”, includes a variety of life insurance types such as Whole Life, Universal Life, Indexed Universal Life, and Variable Life insurance.

A permanent life insurance policy has the death benefit like term insurance, but also has the added advantage of a cash value accumulation component which grows through interest accumulation.  This is a handy feature which you can use for your retirement and you can even borrow against it for college funding, major purchases and any other financial need.

How Much Will California Life Insurance Cost If I Smoke?

Smokers generally do have to pay more for life insurance because of the inherent health risks involved.  However, did you know that some insurers treat an occasional smoker the same as a nonsmoker, while other companies are more strict?

Since not all companies are the same then it is best to find an agent like us who can find you the most competitive smokers’ life insurance policy.

This also includes cigar smokers, along with those who smoke marijuana and tobacco chewers.  However, just keep in mind that not all insurance companies charge the same.

You also want to find a company that will be willing to re-evaluate you should you quit and give you a lower premium to reflect the fact that you have made the effort to improve your health.

No Exam Life Insurance for California Residents

There are many life insurance companies which now provide No Exam Life insurance . These policies cost a few more dollars than standard policies but you don’t have to bother with a medical exam and can get covered sooner from anywhere from a few days to as quick as 15 minutes. For those who dislike getting poked with a needle and like the convenience, or if you need life insurance now then consider a no exam life insurance policy.

How Much Will California Life Insurance Cost If I Have Health Issues?

There are many health variables and again you must remember that each company treats health issues differently.  Some health issues will have little impact on how much you pay, but others can significantly impact your cost if you don’t use an independent agent to guide you through these issues and advise you accordingly.

In addition to life insurance, we provide health insurance (individual and group), long term care, and disability Cheap life insurance in Californiainsurance.  We will guide you through the process of buying California life insurance from start to finish, and save you both time and money.

Please use the quote form on this page, or call us at 858-703-6178, to purchase the best and least expensive CA life insurance policy for your family today.

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