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Tax Free Income

Why should you be concerned about future taxes?

  With our official national debt about to top $19,000,000,000,000 and tax rates at historical lows, raising taxes is one logical way for our country to combat the growing debt problem.  The diagram illustrates how we are historically in one of the lowest tax rates we’ve ever been in the past 95 years. As you save…
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Best way to save for retirement without a 401k

Is a 401K Really the Best Way to Save for Retirement?

Upon entering Corporate America, my HR director stressed the importance of participating in my 401K to save for retirement.  She said if I max it out every year and save diligently, I’ll have $2million saved for retirement with no worries.  She said it was the best way and how most of America will create a…
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Better Retirement savings plan

A New and Improved Retirement Savings Plan!

A Retirement Plan that Provides More Flexibility and Less Market Risk and Taxes Than a 401(k) If you are frustrated with the volatility in your 401(k), it’s important to learn about alternative options. Often the American worker starts a 401K with the best intentions, but does not realize the pitfalls that also plague a 401K. …
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