Health Insurance
critical illness insurance

Critical Illness Insurance – The Complete Guide & Best Companies

Critical illness insurance pays you a lump sum if you’re diagnosed with certain illnesses – like cancer, stroke or a heart attack. You’ll occasionally see this called critical care insurance. You can use this cash for whatever you want. Most people use it to either cover medical bills not covered under their insurance or to…
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special enrollment for CA health insurance

California Health Insurance Special Enrollment-35 Qualifying Events

In California, we have California health insurance special enrollment options available for all residents. Open enrollment is standard for any individual who is applying for health insurance. It usually begins in November for health insurance coverage so that the coverage will start in January. However, situations can change which affects your health insurance coverage outside…
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Best insurance for travelers

Travel Insurance

Comprehensive Travel Health Insurance for any Trip Abroad Always protect yourself with travel insurance when traveling outside the country.  Your regular health insurance will only offer limited coverage, if any, when you are traveling abroad. At Abrams Insurance Solutions, we are pleased to provide you with a variety of premier travel insurance packages that suits…
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Best Ways to Find Affordable Health Insurance

Affordable health insurance takes some legwork. But it’s within reach and even fairly fast if you get your priorities straight and ask for help. We will cover all the basics, terminology, and strategies for finding the right health coverage at the lowest possible price.  If you want to get help from a knowledgeable insurance advisor,…
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