Life Insurance and Marijuana
cannabis industry life insurance

Life Insurance for Marijuana Industry Workers

Did you know the majority of mainstream life insurance companies will decline life insurance for marijuana industry workers? (Use the INSTANT QUOTES box on this page to immediately view rates for your exact age. Rest assured these are the lowest rates available from the leading life insurance companies and there is no obligation. Please continue…
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Medical Marijuana and life insurance

Life Insurance and Medical Marijuana

Many individuals come to us to get their life insurance because they use medical marijuana to treat a variety of medical conditions. Regardless of the reason you use marijuana, you can still find life insurance approval.  It’s much easier than most people think.  The key is to use a marijuana-friendly life insurance company.  Luckily, you have found…
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Marijuana affect life insurance

How Does Marijuana Use Affect Life Insurance?

Use marijuana and need life insurance?  Since 2009 we have been helping clients get approved for life insurance who use marijuana.  Whether you smoke, vape, or ingest it, contact us today for confidential help. If you work with the wrong insurance agent, you may be declined for coverage or pay smoker rates.  We will walk…
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