Life Insurance FAQs

Living Trusts – The Next Step to Protect Your Children with Life Insurance

You bought life insurance to protect your children, but you are not finished yet. Probate courts will not issue large life insurance checks to minors. So where does that money go until your children become adults? How will their guardian afford to care for them? A living trust solves these problems. Plus, they’re easy to…
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life insurance for special needs child

Life Insurance for Special Needs Children – How to Give After You’re Gone

Life insurance for special needs children can be an essential part of their financial planning as they grow up. There are even ways to ensure that a life insurance policy can provide for them.  Money that comes from a life insurance claim is non-taxable in most cases. That means you can provide for your special…
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medical information bureau MIB group

What is the Medical Information Bureau & How Does It Help?

The medical information bureau is a little-known part of the life insurance application process (even the no-exam policies.) Some consumers become alarmed when they find out they’re signing their personal information away to a 3rd party. If you have concerns or questions at any point in the article, leave us a note in the comments.…
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life insurance for retired parents

Buying Life Insurance for Parents (Complete Guide)

One important question that every American needs to ask their parents is “do you have life insurance?” Whether you are considering life insurance for parents or not, knowing is part of a good estate plan. This is an awkward question to ask your parents, but your parents might have debts, medical bills, or no savings…
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declined for life insurance

Declined for Life Insurance? – You Have Options

Have you been declined for life insurance before? Do you worry that a company might deny you coverage in the future for a pre-existing condition? Many Americans have a serious medical condition, a severe mental disorder, or are permanently disabled. Others have a family history of illness or work in dangerous occupations. Underwriters often decline…
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Term or permanent life insurance

Is Term Life or Permanent Life Insurance Better for You?

Should you buy Term Life or Permanent Life Insurance? This is one of the first questions someone asks us. Men and women looking to protect their families face this dilemma every day. Let’s examine the various life insurance products available to help you choose which type of life insurance is best for your particular needs.…
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Medical conditions and life insurance ratings

How Life Insurance Ratings Affect the Price of Life Insurance

Most people are confused by how a life insurance company will rate a person. It’s often a dilemma for those who are applying for a life insurance policy because they are not sure how much they will end up paying. There are many people with medical conditions who are afraid to apply for fear of…
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same sex couples life insurance

Life Insurance for Same Sex Couples

The most important way for a same sex couple to financially protect their spouse and their children is through life insurance. Currently, there are 17 states that allow same sex marriage in the U.S. and that number is likely to improve over time. But, if you are a gay couple and are considering using life…
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