Life Insurance for Medical Conditions
low cost life insurance with an opiate addiction

Life Insurance with Opiate Addiction (What You Should Know)

Is finding low-cost life insurance with an opiate addiction possible? Most definitely. There are many types of opiates beyond heroin and opium that Americans use legally every day. The problem is that all forms of opiates are physically and mentally addicting which can cause problems with prescription medication. According to a survey of 51,200 Americans…
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best life insurance with addison's disease

Best Approach for Buying Life Insurance with Addison’s Disease

Buying life insurance with Addison’s disease can be a challenge for 2 reasons. The first reason is Addison’s is a rare disease. Rare conditions are more difficult to insure because underwriters don’t have a firm understanding of what they do to someone’s life expectancy. There is less historical data available on which to base rates…
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low cost life insurance with an amputation

How To Find Low-Cost Life Insurance with an Amputation

Good news! The majority of ​the time life insurance with an amputation doesn’t involve a bunch of extra premiums. ​Only a few situations will result in a rating or decline, but those are ​few and far between. ​There are roughly (depending on the company) 16 rating classifications. Each will determine the rates you pay. Both…
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life insurance alcohol abuse

Life Insurance and Alcohol Abuse or Alcoholism-What Happens?

Women get the short end of the stick when it comes to life insurance and alcohol consumption. Life insurance companies are notoriously conservative when it comes to medical evaluations. ​To that effect, the amount a woman can drink in a week before being penalized for excessive alcohol consumption is half that of what a man…
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life insurance crohn's disease

How to Get Affordable Life Insurance with Crohn’s Disease

There are some companies that won’t touch someone looking for life insurance with Crohn’s Disease. Those companies don’t deserve your money anyway. The good news is there are plenty of companies that will offer life insurance to people suffering from Crohn’s. Sometimes you can even get it at a preferred rating. (Although that’s extremely rare,…
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life insurance for dementia patients

Life Insurance for Dementia Patients (Learn How To Get It)

There are so many variations on dementia that there is, unfortunately, no way for us to give you a blanket “probably this health class” statement like other pre-existing conditions. So we will go over the different scenarios for finding life insurance for dementia patients. Yet at the end of the day, you will probably need…
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life insurance after prostate cancer

Finding Affordable Life Insurance After Prostate Cancer

It is natural to assume that finding reasonably priced life insurance after prostate cancer would be difficult. After all, it is the second most common cancer in men (after skin tumors). It’s also the second most deadly, after lung cancer. Luckily, if you caught it early, you have a good shot at getting normal rates.…
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genetic testing and life insurance

Genetic Testing and Life Insurance (Everything You Need to Know)

There have recently been some big headlines about people who were denied life insurance coverage because of their genetic testing results. This leads to a lot of questions about discrimination in genetic testing and life insurance. This is because some (but not all) life insurance companies are specifically asking people whether they have been genetically…
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life insurance with iron deficiency anemia

Find Low Price Life Insurance with Iron Deficiency Anemia

The cost of buying life insurance with iron deficiency anemia will vary from person to person. In some instances, people with iron deficiency anemia will be able to get a good rating and low premiums. Others may have difficulty finding a standard life insurance policy and may have to seek alternative forms of life insurance.…
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multiple sclerosis life insurance

Tricks for Finding Great Multiple Sclerosis Life Insurance

When I tell someone I can find them affordable life insurance for multiple sclerosis, skepticism is always the first reaction. Rightly so when it can be difficult to find affordable health insurance and nearly impossible to find disability insurance. Yet multiple sclerosis life insurance is different. Some companies make it hard on you, but with…
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