Life Insurance in Your 60s
life insurance for a 69 year old

Life Insurance at Age 69 – Tips for Finding the Best Rates

While finding a​n affordable life insurance policy at 69 might seem difficult compared to finding a policy in your younger years, it is far from impossible. Although there may not be quite as many options for life insurance ​over 60, there are still plenty. Enough that there is surely one that will fit your family’s…
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life insurance quotes for a 68 year old

Life Insurance for a 68 Year Old – How to Find the Best Rates

​It’s a little more difficult to get life insurance for a 68 year old than it was when you were 30. But it isn’t that much more difficult. They’ll ask you to do an EKG in addition to your medical exam, and any health conditions will add a few hurdles. But it’s still possible to…
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life insurance age 66

Pro Tips on Affording Life Insurance as a 66 Year Old – Get the Best Rates

​Not everyone needs life insurance at age 66. But if you do, a little preparation and research into your options can save you thousands of dollars. You can also see your rates right now using the instant quotes tool on this page, or give us a call at (858) 703-6178 with any questions. ​Quick Summary…
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life insurance at 65 year old

How to Get the Lowest Prices on Life Insurance for a 65 Year Old

Life insurance for a 65 year old actually has some advantages, believe it or not. The best one is that many life insurance companies change their build charts at 65 to allow a little more weight in the better health classes. Scientific studies indicate that having a little extra weight as you age can help…
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term life insurance rates age 64

Life Insurance Rates at Age 64 (How to Get the Good Ones)

​Life insurance rates at age 64 surprise many people in their affordability. Although admittedly this depends on your health. There are also several options on types of life insurance to meet the needs of different family situations. ​How to Save Money on Life Insurance Rates at Age 64 ​These are easy ways that any 64…
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best life insurance for 63 year old

How to Get the Best Life Insurance for a 63 Year Old (The Easy Way)

​Before you buy the first policy that comes along to get this over with, there are some things you should know about saving money on life insurance for a 63 year old versus life insurance at any age. ​Quick Summary ​Health conditions seem to magically crop up once people reach their 60s. Everything can matter,…
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life insurance age 61

Buying Affordable Life Insurance at Age 61

The process of buying life insurance at age 61 is not much different from buying life insurance at 30. The two noticeable differences in what you get are pricing and fewer options for term insurance. If you have any questions while reading this article, leave them in the comments box at the bottom and we’ll…
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life insurance quotes for a 62 year old

Life Insurance for a 62 Year Old at Stellar Pricing

​Getting excellent life insurance for a 62 year old can be as tricky as you want to make it. So the good news is that it can also be as easy as you want it to be. ​With over 850 companies in the United States offering life insurance, there is a lot of competition for…
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affordable life insurance for seniors over 60

A Look at Life Insurance Over 60 (Comprehensive Guide)

​Reevaluating finances is a common practice once you start approaching retirement. Reevaluating life ​priorities is part of that process when you have life insurance over 60. The first step is looking at your goals​. Most people choose life insurance for different reasons in their golden years than when they’re younger. If you have any questions…
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life insurance over 67

Best Life Insurance Rates for 67 Year Old [Insider Information]

Starting with research is the single best way to find affordable life insurance for a 67-year-old. It opens the doors to money saving tips and resources to find the best company for your family, even in your 60’s. Quick Summary Saving money on life insurance at age 67 is easy if you follow ​the simple…
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