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Best life insurance with living benefits

Term Life Insurance With Living Benefits (3 Best Companies)

​The central part of term life insurance is the death benefits. It’s what most people think of, the cash your beneficiaries receive when you pass away. Term costs significantly less than permanent life insurance in part because it is so simple. ​But there is another part of term life insurance less well-known, living benefits. ​Some…
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how does waiver of premium work

Waiver of Premium Rider for Life Insurance (How it Works)

Waiver of premium allows you to skip your life insurance payments if you become disabled and cannot work. It’s an extra layer of protection for folks who may not have enough emergency funds set aside to cover a year or two of life insurance payments. It’s a small additional premium for extra peace of mind…
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accelerated death benefit rider

How Can an Accelerated Death Benefit Rider Help Me?

Some life insurance contracts allow the dispensation of benefits before someone dies. It is a rider called an accelerated death benefit (ADB). You will also see people refer to it as living benefits. You can use these terms interchangeably. This is different from the cash accumulation value that builds up in permanent life insurance. You…
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return of premium life insurance

The Ultimate Analysis of Return of Premium Life Insurance

Return of premium life insurance sounds like a win-win. You either protect your family if something awful happens, or you get your money back.  Like with most financial decisions, you only uncover the truth of the matter when you dig deeper. Quick aside: you will find many articles either promoting return of premium or blasting…
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keep coverage when life insurance child rider expires

Important Options When a Life Insurance Child Rider Expires

You have several options when your life insurance child rider expires. Yet it boils down to one initial decision. Convert the child’s life insurance policy to permanent life insurance or not. We will explain both the pros and cons of converting to a permanent life insurance policy. Additionally, we will cover when a child rider…
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life insurance special needs children

Best Term Life Insurance Child Rider for Special Needs Kids

It is an unfortunate fact that many life insurers will decline special needs children because of their health condition. Which means getting a term life insurance child rider for special needs kids can be extremely difficult. We have only found one company that will cover any child, no questions asked. Medical experts estimate that between…
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5 Strong Child’s Life Insurance Riders – Who Has the Best?

So you’re considering child’s life insurance. Or at least want to know more about it. Start here for an overview. In this article, we look at the 5 strongest child’s life insurance riders on term policies. You will find details on which companies have the best riders to protect every life in your family. What…
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Life insurance riders provide enhanced coverage

How Life Insurance Riders Enhance Your Coverage

Choosing a life insurance policy that’s right for your family is a difficult enough task, but will the policy you choose provide sufficient protection? What happens if you become ill, have an accident and can no longer afford to pay the life insurance premium? The good news is that for just a few dollars more…
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Buying a child term rider

Reasons to Buy a Child Term Life Insurance Rider

There are many advantages in opting to include a Child Term Rider when buying term life insurance. What is a child term rider? How does a child term rider work? How much does a child term rider cost? Reasons families consider term insurance for their children Finding an affordable child term rider Why is a…
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