Life Insurance Tips

6 Strategies for Charitable Giving with Life Insurance

Charitable giving with life insurance offers a way to leverage money for increased donations and minimize taxes.  It’s a less common strategy. There is an array of tax considerations, as well as strategies depending on your specific goals. We’ll cover them in detail.  Quick Summary Donating to charity through life insurance is more complicated than…
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When and how to use a Term Conversion

How to Convert Your Term Life Insurance Policy at the End of Term What is term life insurance? Term life insurance provides death benefit protection for a certain time period – usually 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years.  The amount of term insurance can vary greatly from $100,000 of coverage to several million dollars…
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Review life insurance policy

Why is a Life Insurance Review Important?

The Importance of a Life Insurance Policy Review You spend your life building a portfolio of stocks, bonds, real estate and IRA’s. You keep a pulse on the performance of these financial products, monitoring market fluctuations, interest rate trends and pricing efficiencies. As your life’s plan evolves, you continually set and reset investment objectives and…
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College Funding with Life Insurance

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR MORE FLEXIBILITY WHEN SAVING FOR COLLEGE? I speak to a lot of friends and clients who recently had babies, or have young children, and are concerned about the ever increasing cost of college.  According to the College Board’s Trends in College Pricing, the 2013-2014 average total costs (including tuition, fees, room and…
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