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Long Term Care
how does long term care insurance work?

What Does Long Term Care Insurance Cover?

​Long term care insurance is a complicated product both because it’s new and because it’s designed to supplement other ways of paying for long term care. While most policies all have similar coverage conditions, double check your policy, so you don’t get surprised a decade or two later. ​Quick Summary​Long term care policies tend to…
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options to pay for long term care

What is Long Term Care? (How to Protect Your Nest Egg From Old Age)

​Why should you consider long term care insurance? What are your options to pay for this?​Quick SummaryLong term care​ is when you need services ​to help you through your activities of daily living. Things today we take for granted. You will also see this called custodial care. Long term care/custodial care is:​eatingbathingdressinggetting on and off…
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Independent life insurance broker

Long Term Care Insurance

Protect your Assets with Long Term Care Insurance Long Term Care (LTC) represents one of the greatest risks to your financial future. At least 70% of people over the age of 65 will require LTC services at some point in their life. The average stay in a LTC facility is 3 years at a cost…
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