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Transamerica life insurance with return of premium

Transamerica Life Insurance Introduces MultiFlex Surrender Enhancement Endorsement (MSE)

One of our carriers just introduced a new and free addition to their insurance policies for those that want the ultimate in flexibility, guarantee, and control°.  In the event that coverage is no longer needed, the client can receive the lesser of their premiums paid into the policy or a percentage of the face amount.

This endorsement can be exercised at the 20th policy anniversary or any policy anniversary on or after the 25th year, provided that certain requirements are met. If exercised, the following is guaranteed:

  • During a 60-day window following the 20th policy anniversary, the surrender value will be the lesser of 100% of the premiums paid¹ or 30% of the lowest face amount².
  • At the 25th policy anniversary or any policy year thereafter, the surrender value will be the lesser of 100% of premiums paid¹ or 35% of the lowest face amount².

Here is an example of Return of Premium scenario:  John-age 50, purchases a $1million policy and as a standard nonsmoker, his annual premium is $11,886.  After 20 years, John no longer needs the policy and surrenders the policy.  He gets 100% of his premiums returned and uses the $237,720 to supplement his retirement.

The annual cost of 20 years of guaranteed UL protection is $0!


Return of Face Amount scenario:  Mark-age 60 purchases a $1million policy with an annual premium of $20,357.  After 20 years, Mark suffers a critical illness and requires long term care.  Knowing his family’s financial future is secure, he surrenders his policy, receives 30% of the face amount and uses $300,000 to pay for the cost of his long term care.

The annual cost funding for 20 years of guaranteed UL protection:  $5,357

This is one of several creative riders available to help you stretch your life insurance dollar.  Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about ways to save money with life insurance.


°May not be available in every state.

¹Gross premiums less any refunds, partial surrenders, and outstanding policy loans.

²The lowest face amount of the policy less any outstanding policy loans, and less any partial surrenders that did not reduce the face amount.

Chris Abrams

Mr. Abrams and his team have helped 1,000's of people get approved for insurance in all 50 states. Our mission is to save you time and money on your insurance purchase. You can learn more about who we are and read our client reviews. Feel free to send Chris a message here.

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