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Higher CD Rate

Are you looking for FDIC insurance and the potential for a higher interest rate than fixed bank CD’s pay?


Higher CD rate

MLCD’s offer FDIC insurance and the potential for a higher rate of return


If so, you should check out Market-Linked Certificates of Deposit.

These Certificates of Deposit are issued by some of the world’s largest banks, are FDIC insured, and principal protected. The interest they pay is variable, often with a minimum guaranteed rate. The interest may be based on a basket of stocks or commodities or a particular index.

If you have Certificates of Deposit coming up for renewal, you should check out Market Linked Certificates of Deposit.


  • POTENTIAL:      UNLIMITED INTEREST (depending on the product)
  • SAFETY:            100% of deposit returned at maturity
  • PROTECTION:   FDIC Insured


  • Issuers include JP Morgan, Barclays, Goldman Sachs and Bank of the West
  • FDIC Insured (at least $250,000 per bank)
  • Full deposit returned at maturity
  • Pays the greater of fixed or variable interest each year
  • Variable interest can be unlimited (depending on the product)


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