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Life Insurance for Residents of Orange County, California


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Buying Orange County life insurance in California is fast, easy and inexpensive when you choose Abrams Insurance Solutions for all your life insurance needs.

Receive an instant quote from the Instant Quotes calculator on this page to see how inexpensive O.C. life insurance can be.

The types of life insurance policies we provide can range from cheap life insurance in Orange County, or we can provide you with a more complex policy for your family or for your business needs.  This may include a cash accumulation that you can use for your children’s college fund or retirement needs such as Indexed Universal Life insurance and other forms of permanent life insurance policies.

We can also help you save more money and pay less tax, along with arranging for you to give life insurance proceeds as a charitable donation to your favorite church or charity.

How to Find Cheap Life Insurance in OC

Finding affordable Orange County life insurance is easy because we have access to over 70 companies which we will comparison shop for you.  The cheapest form of life insurance is known as “Term Life Insurance.”  This form of life insurance is life insurance at its most basic and is the most affordable type of life insurance which can suit even the tightest budget.

You buy it in periods of time which is why it is called “term” such as 10, 20 or 30 years.  All you have to do is select the amount of life insurance you need and the amount of time you want it to cover your family.  It pays out a death benefit, which you may receive as a lump sum payment with no income tax, to use for anything your family needs.

Flexible Orange County Insurance Solutions

We can provide you with valuable advice and discuss any health issues or lifestyle choices you might have such as if you are a smoker, or have a more debilitating disease such as cancer or cardiac problems.

We know which life insurance companies are the most lenient for every health condition as each life insurance company uses different criteria in how they rate and therefore charge people who are recovering from a disease or illness.

We can provide you with no-medical exam policies such as Guaranteed Issue or a policy small enough if you just want to cover your burial expenses.

From small life insurance needs to those involving large estates, we will provide you with the perfect life insurance solution.

No Exam Life Insurance for Orange County Residents

There are many life insurance companies which are now providing No Exam Life Insurance. These policies cost a bit more but you don’t have to bother with having to take a medical exam and you can get a policy that much faster such as in just a few days or as fast as 15 minutes. For those who can’t stand needles, want convenience or are in a hurry, a no exam life insurance policy would be a great choice for you.

What Cities Do We Provide Life Insurance in OC?

Independent Life Insurance agent in orange county

Laguna Beach, California

We provide life insurance for clients all over the state of California and for most states in the U.S.  Some of the cities that we serve in Orange County California include:


Garden Grove

Newport Beach


Huntington Beach  San Clemente  Costa Mesa  Laguna Beach  Santa Ana  Fullerton  Lake Forest  Stanton 

At Abrams Insurance Solutions we can take care of all your other insurance requirements in Orange County such as Health Insurance, Disability Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance and even Travel Insurance.

If you have any questions or need some advice then call us at 858-703-6178.  For an instant OC life insurance quote – please use the Instant Quotes calculator to find the best and least expensive Orange County life insurance for your family.

Chris Abrams

Mr. Abrams and his team have helped 1,000's of people get approved for insurance in all 50 states. Our mission is to save you time and money on your insurance purchase. You can learn more about who we are and read our client reviews. Feel free to send Chris a message here.

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