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Retirement Income Shortfall Analysis


Custom Personal Financial Plan

Learn if you are ready for retirement

Receive a custom report that provides a snapshot of your current retirement plan and your overall retirement success probability.


Your report includes 11 pages of easy to understand data and education.

Learn how to tweak your retirement strategy to protect you against the 4 major retirement risks:

  • LONGEVITY: Make your money last as long as you do
  • INVESTMENT RISK: Protect your money from the emotions and risk of investing.
  • TAXES: Use tax-advantageous vehicles to minimize your tax obligation 
  • INFLATION: Plan for increasing costs of good and services


We keep it concise and simple. The ‘Overview’ on page 3 sums up your probability of a successful retirement in 1 picture (example below). 

Graph of retirement success probability

  • Current Scenario shows your probability of success with the path you are on now. 
  • Recommended Scenario shows your probability of success after making a few recommended tweaks to your plan.

What’s included in the ‘Retirement Income Shortfall Analysis’?

  • Overview of retirement success probability – Compare your current retirement success probability alongside the success probability of a recommended scenario (Picture above).
  • Breakdown of retirement risks – Review the four major risks during retirement and the potential impact they can make to your retirement savings.
  • Protected income sources – Highlight the 4 recommended sources of income that can potentially create guaranteed income for life and protection from retirement risks.
  • Current retirement scenario – Display an analysis of how your money may hypothetically perform within its current state.
  • Recommended retirement scenario – Present how your money may hypothetically perform with the addition of incorporating recommended financial strategies.
  • Account values and cash flow – Outline the hypothetical values with visually-appealing graphics that are easy-to-understand.
  • Simple, step-by-step process – We will walk you through the recommendations and then help implement the strategies.
  • Ongoing review and help – We will review your progress annually and help make tweaks as necessary to improve your chances of success.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

                                                                                     -Benjamin Franklin

Your report includes a detailed analysis of your retirement income sources by year (example below):

See where your retirement income comes from every year

  • Learn the best time to start your Social Security payments.
  • Learn where to reposition some of your money to protect it from risk and/or taxes while maximizing retirement income.
  • Other advisors charge $2,500+ for a financial plan that is confusing, long and difficult to understand.
  • We cut out the fluff and provide a concise report that answers one very important question:      How can you improve your retirement success probability?
  • We will prepare this report for you for only $395.
  • There is no obligation to act on our recommendations.
  • However, implementing our recommendations could be invaluable to your financial future. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

Xing Testimonial photoFirst of all, Chris is very knowledgeable. Knowing I am a scientist by training, he took an analytical approach to explain to me the insurance products. It was clear and easy to understand. Second, Chris is transparent. I never felt he was hiding anything from me or he was pushing me to buy certain product over others for his benefit. Finally, Chris makes sure things get done. I highly recommend Chris. Xing Yang – Entrepreneur

Robert Brayer TestimonialChris was extremely helpful and professional throughout the entire life insurance process. I had countless questions and he always took the time to respond thoughtfully to them even making himself available on weekends and after hours. The process would have been a lot more difficult without him and, at the end of the day, I got a terrific rate, far better than expected. Robert Brayer – Attorney

Don’t Hesitate! Start planning to maximize your retirement income today.

Saving for retirement takes time and discipline. Our goal is to help you maximize your retirement income. We do this by utilizing strategies that reduce risk, taxes and fees.  The sooner you start, the greater your chances for a financially stress-free retirement.

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