Life Insurance in Your 50s
Life insurance for a 59 year old

Astounding Tips for Finding Low Cost Life Insurance for a 59 Year Old

​Getting life insurance ​for a 59 year old doesn’t have to be a hassle. There are several shortcuts you can take to save yourself both time and money. The most important part is not putting it off for another year or two. That little delay can quickly add up in premiums. Try to lock-in the…
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life insurance at age 57

Buying Low Price Life Insurance at Age 57 (Simple Ways to Cut Costs)

When you’re looking at life insurance at age 57, you know that premiums aren’t going to be what they were in your 30’s. But there are several ways to make sure that you can find the best rates. The best part is that none of them involve much (if any) work. ​Quick Summary ​Life insurance…
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life insurance for a 58 year old man or woman

Fantastic Life Insurance for a 58 Year Old (Tips & Pricing)

​Finding life insurance for a 58 year old can be terrible, especially since medical concerns seem to crop up as time goes on. There are a handful of tricks to saving money on the policy that will best fit your family. ​To see what your rates might be right now, use the Instant Quotes tool…
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life insurance at 56

How To Find Life Insurance at 56 (Great Policy, Low Price)

Life insurance is more expensive as you age. Yet finding affordable life insurance at any age (including 56) is not an overwhelming task. There are a few steps you can follow to make the process painless for both yourself and your wallet. You can also see what difference companies charge by using the Instant Quotes…
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affordable life insurance over 50 save money

How to Easily Get Affordable Life Insurance Over 50

Finding affordable life insurance over 50 also takes planning and research. When you get into your 50’s, life insurance is no longer “something that you should probably do.” You either need it or you do not. There is usually a very specific reason for people who do. Luckily, it isn’t always absurdly expensive. Although it…
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Getting Great, Affordable Life Insurance at Age 55

55 is a major changing point in life insurance. So if you get nothing else out of this post, please keep the following in mind. Age 55 is the last time most companies offer a 30 year term. Some companies, such as Transamerica, still offer 30 year terms through age 58. Yet you have significantly…
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term quotes for 51 year olds

Inexpensive Term Life Insurance for 52 Year Olds-Men & Women

If you’re shopping for inexpensive term life insurance for 52 year olds, we started the research for you. For instant quotes simply complete the form on your left (or at the top of your mobile or tablet). We gathered some sample rates to start off your research. These are the average rates for 10 to…
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Inexpensive Life Insurance for 54 Year Olds [Instant Quotes]

Inexpensive life insurance for 54 year olds is available! At Abrams Insurance Solutions we show you how to save time and money on your life insurance purchase at any age. It doesn’t matter whether you are in great shape or have health issues. We shop the market for the best prices with the companies most…
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find affordable life insurance for 53 year olds

Affordable Life Insurance for 53 Year Olds [Instant Quotes]

At Abrams Insurance Solutions we can help you find the most affordable life insurance for 53 year olds. Use the INSTANT QUOTES form on this page to immediately view rates for your exact age. Rest assured these are the lowest rates available from the leading life insurance companies and there is no obligation. Continue reading below…
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term quote for 51 year olds

Money Saving Term Life Quotes for 51 Year Olds – Men & Women

Pricing is normally the first question someone has when looking into term life quotes for 51 year olds. So we researched average rates. Towards the bottom of this page are tables for men and women with the average price for varying death benefits and term lengths. Because these are averages across several companies, your rate…
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