Companies We Represent

At Abrams Insurance Solutions, we represent over 70 of the top insurance companies.  We will shop all of the companies on your behalf to find you the best policy for your unique situation at the lowest price.  Some of the insurance companies we represent are featured below.

Sometimes companies have similar names. The left column is their company logo and the far right column will be their AM Best financial rating.

Use the quick links below to jump to the companies for a specific type of insurance.

Life Insurance Companies

CompanyAM Best Rating
Allianz Life Insurance CompanyAllianzA+
American General Life InsuranceAmerican GeneralA
American National Life Insurance CompanyAmerican NationalA
Americo Life Insurance CompanyAmericoA
Ameritas Life Insurance CompanyAmeritasA
Assurity Life Insurance CompanyAssurityA-
AXA Life Insurance CompanyAXAA
Brighthouse Financial Life Insurance CompanyBrighthouse (formerly MetLife)A
Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance CompanyFidelity & Guaranty LifeA-
Fidelity Life InsuranceFidelity LifeA-
Foresters Life Insurance CompanyForestersA
Gerber Life Insurance CompanyGerber LifeA
Global Atlantic Life Insurance CompanyGlobal AtlanticA
Great Western Life Insurance CompanyGreat Western LifeA-
Guarantee Trust Life Insurance CompanyGuarantee Trust LifeA-
John Hancock Life Insurance CompanyJohn HancockA+
Legal & General Life Insurance CompanyLegal & GeneralA+
Liberty Bankers Life Insurance CompanyLiberty Bankers LifeB++
LifeShield National Life Insurance CompanyLifeShield NationalB++
Lincoln Financial Life InsuranceLincoln Financial GroupA-
Lloyds of London Life InsuranceLloyd’s of LondonA
Mutual of Omaha Life InsuranceMutual of OmahaA+
National Life Group Life InsuranceNational Life GroupA
Nationwide Life Insurance CompanyNationwideA+
North American Company Life InsuranceNorth American CompanyA+
Principal Life Insurance CompanyPrincipalA+
Prosperity Life Insurance CompanyProsperity LifeA-
Protective Life Insurance CompanyProtectiveA+
Prudential Life Insurance CompanyPrudentialA+
Royal Neighbors of American Life Insurance CompanyRoyal Neighbors of AmericaA-
Sagicor Life Insurance CompanySagicorA-
SBLI Life Insurance CompanySBLIA
Securian Life Insurance CompanySecurianA+
Sentinel Security Life Insurance CompanySentinel SecurityB++
Symetra Financial Life Insurance CompanySymetra FinancialA
Transamerican Life Insurance CompanyTransamericaA


CompanyAM Best Rating
Allianz Annuities CompanyAllianz PreferredA+
American Equity Annuities CompanyAmerican EquityA-
American National Annuities CompanyAmerican NationalA
Americo Annuities CompanyAmericoA
Ameritas Annuities CompanyAmeritasA
Assurity Annuities CompanyAssurityA-
Athene Annuities CompanyAtheneA
Brighthouse Financial Annuities CompanyBrighthouse (formerly MetLife)A
Equitrust Annuities CompanyEquiTrustBBB
Fidelity & Guaranty Annuities CompanyFidelity & GuarantyA-
Global Atlantic Annuities CompanyGlobal AtlanticA
Great American Annuities CompanyGreat AmericanA
Lincoln Financial Annuities CompanyLincoln FinancialA-
Mutual of Omaha Annuities CompanyMutual of OmahaA+
Nassau Re Annuities CompanyNassau ReB+
National Life Group Annuities CompanyNational Life GroupA
Nationwide Annuities CompanyNationwideA+
North American Annuities CompanyNorth AmericanA+
Principal Annuities CompanyPrincipalA+
Prosperity Annuities CompanyProsperity LifeA-
Protective Annuities CompanyProtectiveA+
Prudential Annuities CompanyPrudentialA+
Royal Neighbors of American Annuities CompanyRoyal Neighbors of AmericaA-
Sagicor Annuities CompanySagicorA-
Securian Annuities CompanySecurianA+
Sentinel Security Annuities CompanySentinel SecurityB++
Symetra Financial Annuities CompanySymetra FinancialA
Transamerican Annuities CompanyTransamericaA

Disability Insurance

CompanyAM Best Rating
Ameritas Disability Insurance CompanyAmeritasA
Assurity Disability Insurance CompanyAssurityA-
Illinois Mutual Disability Insurance CompanyIllinois MutualA-
Lloyds of London Disability Insurance CompanyLloyd’s of LondonA
MetLife Disability Insurance CompanyMetLifeA+
Mutual of Omaha Disability Insurance CompanyMutual of OmahaA+
Principal Disability Insurance CompanyPrincipalA+
The Standard Disability Insurance CompanyStandardA

Long Term Care

CompanyAM Best Rating
Forecare Long Term Care CompanyForeCare (via Global Atlantic)A
Lincoln Financial Long Term CareLincoln Money GuardA+
Mutual of Omaha Long Term CareMutual of OmahaA+
Nationwide Long Term CareNationwideA+
One American Long Term CareOne AmericaA+
Pacific Life Long Term CarePacLifeA+
Thrivent Financial Long Term CareThriventA++
Transamerican Long Term CareTransamericaA

Travel Insurance

CompanyAM Best Rating
GeoBlue Traveler's InsuranceGeoblueA-