Client Reviews

Following are the actual words of real clients that have worked with us over the years. You can view additional client reviews on Google, LinkedIn and Yelp.

Thank you!

“Chris was very polite understanding and patient with research on which insurance that we wanted. Looking for insurance can be very overwhelming and in dealing with (Chris Abrams), he took that pressure away from us with detailed information on all insurance that best suited our family needs. Mr. Abrams is very professional and caring to our family needs. I recommend him to anyone that’s looking for insurance.”

-James Burton

Previous Decline = No Problem!

“I cannot thank Chris enough for his help getting me life insurance. I’ve been rejected in the past due to health reasons and am so glad I found him and now have insurance!!”


Life Insurance Done!

“Chris was super at helping me navigate life insurance.l am very happy with his professionalism and service”

-Steven T. Dube

True Professional!

“Mr Chris Abrams was utmost professional and great throughout the process while assisting me with my matter. Due to complexity of my job nature and frequent travels he was super helpful and patient. Made it super easy for me! 5 star service! Thank you Chris!”

-Aleksandar Kovacevic

5 Stars!

“Very knowledgeable and professional, with awesome customer service. I would definitely recommend.”


Good Service!

Good Service!


Super Helpful & Highly Recommended

“In an age of unrelenting “up sell” and “hurry up make a decision,” people like Chris are a truly rare commodity. Chris is an incredibly decent,kind and caring individual; and it comes across the minute you talk with him for the first time. I cannot adequately express my appreciation for how extremely thorough and patient he was in working with me to untangle the maze of the Covered California process. My only regret about Chris, is that I didn’t make his acquaintance five years sooner. If the opportunity presents itself, I would wholeheartedly recommend using him for your insurance needs. ”

-Joel Spector

Very Dedicated!

“Chris was amazing about working within a very tight deadline and followed up repeatedly to make sure that things were moving along and I was able to purchase the insurance I needed. ”

-Heyman O

Good Service

“My family needed health insurance to cover Obamacare. Called Chris through a friend and found out he was willing to help. He spent good time with me and tried to answer all my questions. Very nice gentleman and a professional. Highly recommend him. He made a painful experience easy. Thank you Chris.”

-Seto Marselian

Big Effort

“To anyone considering life insurance, it would be a big mistake, no matter the size of policy, not to allow Chris Abrams the opportunity to service your needs. I had only a small policy, but he made the kind of effort I would have expected only for a person seeking a large policy.”

-Chris C

Great Strategy for Saving Money

“Chris was very patient and thorough in answering all my questions about Indexed Universal Life policies. He helped our family find a better alternative to a 401k or 529 plan for college planning and retirement.”

-Laura C

Very Helpful

“Chris was very helpful in helping us pick out medical health insurance. He was always available to answer all our questions. Chris found us the best possible policy for the best price. I am now going to have him help me with my 401k and would highly recommend him.”

-Lynda Whan

Very Beneficial

“I feel extremely fortunate that Chris suggested I cash in an older original whole life policy on my husband which was quite expensive and eroding my cash surrender value. By replacing the older more expensive whole life policy using the cash surrender value to obtain term life insurance for my husband at a preferred plus rate, he saved us thousands of dollars. I especially like his non-pressure approach, as he is sincerely anxious to service his clients. Mission accomplished, and I don’t ever want to lose touch with him, because he strategically figured out the best course of action to cover us with a newer policy that was just ideal at our age. He is a great family man, and has 2 young children and a lovely wife! His planning was very beneficial. Thank you, Chris! A pleasure to work with you!”

-Gail Gilbertsen

Very Helpful

“Thanks for helping us get the insurance that we needed.”


Help and Patience

“Chris helped find an insurance that worked for me in both coverage and costs. When a recent medical exploratory test occurred, Chris got the insurance company to cancel their additional coverage costs. Additionally, when a mistake was noted on the final signing, Chris patiently got the correction in and resent the final contract. Definitely would recommend him to others.”

-Shelly M

Helpful & Professional

“Chris was very helpful and professional in obtaining a new term life policy for me. He worked very hard to get me the best coverage and best rates. I would highly recommend Chris for anyone with insurance needs.”

-Steven J. Tipp D.D.S.

Thank you!

“Thank you so much for all your help and patience while I made up my mind on the type of life insurance I needed. The entire process was stress-free. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone.”

-Robbi P

Persistent in a Good Way

“My life insurance policy was going to lapse in 2013. Chris helped me pick out the best coverage to renew for another 30 years. Unfortunately, the approval for a new policy was a 5 month nightmare. Chris kept me advised of the issues that were holding everything up. He called me back in a timely manner and always answered my emails within a few hours or even minutes. I would definitely recommend Chris to others. He is a very patient and understanding agent.”

-Linda Nolan

Special Needs Child – Found a Solution

“I am so thankful that this company offers a child rider policy. I have never been able to have a life insurance policy for my 9 yr old son who was born with permanent disabilities. I finally have some peice of mind. Chris was so knowledgeable and thorough with making sure I got the right policy.”

-Robin Ward

Tax-Free Income Planning

“Chris Abrams is a true professional. I was in the market for life insurance, which I had no understanding of. He educated me at great length about the different types of policies and how some policies build value over time. We exchanged over 100 emails and we spoke for over four hours on the phone, in total. These were very high value policies but not once did he pressure me into purchasing them. In fact, there were times where I completely rejected some policies and wanted other ones significantly modified. Chris never hesitated to find me the right information and projections, upon my request. He also provided very timely communication and quotes. I will highly recommend Chris to anyone in the future.”

-Muhammad A.


“Great agent, highly recommended.”


Peace of Mind

“Thank you I am free of worries. You gave me peace of mind. Thank you so much for being honest and patient for helping me to choose a term life insurance that I can afford. You are highly recommended to anyone looking for life insurance.”

-Sarah Reza

Very Helpful!

“Chris helped me through the confusing process of buying life insurance. He helped me understand various options so I could get the protection I needed at the best price.”

-Brad Treadwell


“Amazing customer service!!! Everything was handled in a timely manner and explained in detail. Thanks”

-Greg Pinckney

Makes Insurance Easy

“Chris was extremely helpful and professional throughout the entire life insurance process. I had countless questions and he always took the time to respond thoughtfully to them even making himself available on weekends and after hours. The process would have been a lot more difficult without him and, at the end of the day, I got a terrific rate, far better than expected.”

– Robert Brayer

Highly Recommend

“I had the privilege of working with Chris for my medical insurance needs. He was a total life saver! Unfortunately I was suckered into a different bogus “insurance company ” and had to cancel, because they were a complete scam…. I contacted Chris and explained the situation, he was very thorough and helped me get Exactly what I needed. I had a VERY unique situation and with the help Chris provided, he was able to help us out in a Huge way! His high level of customer service is very rare nowadays and as a business owner, I know it when I see it. Pro status! If I ever know anyone who have insurance needs of any kind, I would gladly recommend him HIGHLY!”

Derek P.

Professional, thorough and prompt

“Chris provided excellent service and delivered a great product within the parameters of our budget. He was prompt and professional throughout the process and delivered ahead of schedule. ”

-Daniel Moylan

Genuine, Sincere and Honest with Valuable Info!

“I came across this website through Covered CA. After having read all the great reviews, I called Chris with some questions. He was very helpful and gave important tips. I really appreciate his time and great attitude, and I would definitely recommend him!!”

-Susan Hung

The Right Decision

“A bit hesitant about the process but I put my trust in Chris’s hands to navigate the multitude of options. Very happy I placed my trust in him as I ended up receiving a better rate than I had been offered previously and received the kind of responsive service any customer should receive. I Highly recommend Chris Abrams for this important life decision.”

-Steve Brooke

Chris Abrams will get it done!

“For anyone who might be interested in starting to offer health insurance through their business for themselves and employees, Chris Abrams will get it done in a very timely manor. Chris listened to our needs and within a couple of days had put together several rate packages. He walked me through the entire process and answered all the questions I had. He helped me choose the best policy for my family and the business.”

-Christina Macier

Professional and Easy to Work With

“When both my self and my husband\’s policies came up for renewal at an outrageous increase, we contacted Chris to see what he could do. He was professional and easy to work with, whether on the phone or via emails. We are now set for another 10 years at great rates. Thanks Chris.”

-Teresa L.

Pleasure to Work With

“Chris was a pleasure to work with. He didn’t try and push any product I wasn’t interested in and was completely receptive to my goals and concerns. A welcome change from the typical insurance salesman!”


Low Key Persistence

“My existing 15 year term policy was up for replacement. At the same time I was moving my residence. I was especially impressed with Chris’s low key persistence. He would call me every so often to gently inquire about renewing my policy. Eventually when things settled down in my life I renewed my policy. Thanks for the low key persistence.”

-Frank Beider

Thank you

“When my 30 year term policy expired, I was referred to Chris to renew it. I emailed him with questions about alternatives to renewing the term policy. He took the time to come up with several options for me and explained exactly what those options meant, the cost and the benefits of each. I was able to make an informed decision and trade that term policy in for a permanent one that was affordable and would provide the coverage I wanted. I would highly recommend Chris.”

-Mari H

Great Service!

“Chris was fantastic when it came time to find an insurance policy. Chris looked through all my options and we decided on the best policy for my situation.”

-Matthew L

Great Service!

“Tremendously committed with service. Very knowledgeable and always available. I would recommend not with 5 stars but 10.”

-Karina A


“I called Chris on a Friday evening 15 minutes before his close of business. He talked to me for close to an hour, answering all of my questions with patience and accurate information. The wonderful customer service continued as we moved the process of renewing/changing our policy with anyone we spoke to.”

-Laurie Fuller


“Chris was easy to work with, very informative and was always in contact with me. Made for a quick and easy insurance transaction. Thank you!!”

-Anthony C


“Chris was easy to work with. He is very responsive and knowledgeable.”

-Denis G

Patient and understanding

“I bombarded Chris with a lot of questions and concerns and he was so patient and wonderful. I would recommend his services to everyone!”

-Charlotte F.

Helpful, Kind & Great Service

“I’m so relieved I met such a wonderful human being to help me with my health insurance. Chris took all my worries, and anxiety away. I will highly recommend him to everyone. Outstanding customer service! He is the best!”


Review of Chris Abrams

“Chris was professional, clear and easy to work with. He engenders confidence and doggedly stuck with us through our meandering decision process as we found what was best for us. We definitely recommend him highly to anyone who needs insurance solutions.”

-David Bruemmer

A Genuine Professional with the Utmost Integrity

“I’m grateful for all the support and time Chris provided in helping me understand the importance of life insurance and its role in building financial wealth. I was deeply impressed with his sincere and humanistic approach. I met with him several times, and came away feeling that he truly has my family’s best interests at heart. Never felt rushed or pressured. You can feel his passion and deep sense of mission to help others secure financial freedom. I look forward to continue working with Chris, and I wholeheartedly recommend him to serve your financial and life insurance needs. ”

-John K

Honest and Sincere

“I found Chris to be honest and he sincerely was looking out for our families needs when he designed our family life insurance trust. He was easy to work with. We never felt any pressure to make a decision. Thank you Chris .”


Highly Recommend

“My husband and I were looking for someone to help us with a new life insurance policy. My initial meeting with Chris was through several telephone conversations. He answered all questions promptly, offered us several options and we never felt any pressure to decide one way or another. After we made our decision he prepared our policy and asked if he could bring it by for review and signature even though our home was some distance away. It was a pleasure meeting him and I would certainly recommend him to anyone considering insurance needs.”

-Carolyn Doss

Thank you!

“Chris introduced me to the Indexed Universal Life product and being a born skeptic, I had many questions. Chris consistently made time to meet with me and answer all my questions over the following 4 months. I never felt pressured to make a decision at any time. I feel very fortunate to have met Chris and highly recommend his services to anyone.”

-Terry LaMarre

Very Authentic and Professional

“Chris was awesome to work with! He was very patient in dealing with us and did not try to push anything at us that we didn’t want or need. He was very thorough in explaining everything and pretty much held our hand the whole way through the process of purchasing our insurance plan. I would highly recommend working with Chris Abrams.”

-Tyler A.

Highly Recommended

“Because of a mistake in a medical record I received an offer for insurance coverage that was far less than I had hoped. Chris Abrams worked with my doctor’s office to get the corrected information then worked on my behalf with several carriers to obtain and offer for 33% more coverage for the same premium. It took many months and throughout the process Chris was helpful, communicative and professional. I highly recommend his services.”

-Gerald Perrotta


“Chris helped my spouse and I find new term policies when our current ones expired. He was extremely thorough, patient with our many questions, and helped us get through all the paperwork with a minimum of stress. We are very pleased with the products he came up with for our life insurance needs.”

-Betsy G

Great Experience!

“Had a very good experience with Chris. Even though I waited till the last minute to before my policy lapsed. Chris made sure that the medical exam was completed before I went off on vacation. When I returned from my trip Chris was kind enough to deliver the new policy to me in person. I will definitely recommend Chris to anyone I know who needs to review their current life insurance needs”

-Andrea Douglas