life insurance quotes for a 62 year old

Life Insurance for a 62 Year Old at Stellar Pricing

​Getting excellent life insurance for a 62 year old can be as tricky as you want to make it. So the good news is that it can also be as easy as you want it to be. ​With over 850 companies in the United States offering life insurance, there is a lot of competition for.. Read More →

life insurance for a 58 year old man or woman

Fantastic Life Insurance for a 58 Year Old (Tips & Pricing)

Finding life insurance for a 58 year old can be a challenge, especially since medical concerns seem to crop up as time goes on. There are a handful of tricks to saving money on the policy that will best fit your family. ​To see what your rates might be right now, use the Instant Quotes tool.. Read More →

life insurance for special needs child

Life Insurance for Special Needs Children – How to Give After You’re Gone

​Life insurance for special needs children can be an essential part of their future planning. There are even ways to ensure that a life insurance policy can provide for them. Because the money that comes from a life insurance claim is typically non-taxable, you can provide for your special needs child even after you’re gone… Read More →

affordable life insurance for seniors over 60

A Look at Life Insurance Over 60 (Comprehensive Guide)

​Reevaluating finances is a common practice once you start approaching retirement. Reevaluating life ​priorities is part of that process when you have life insurance over 60.The first step is looking at your goals​.Why Some People Buy Life Insurance Over 60Everything depends on your current situation. After that, it depends on your financial goals for the.. Read More →

low cost life insurance with an opiate addiction

Life Insurance with Opiate Addiction (What You Should Know)

Is finding low-cost life insurance with an opiate addiction possible? Most definitely. There are many types of opiates beyond heroin and opium that Americans use legally every day.The problem is that all forms of opiates are physically and mentally addicting which can cause problems with prescription medication.According to a survey of 51,200 Americans published in.. Read More →

accelerated death benefit rider

How Can an Accelerated Death Benefit Rider Help Me?

Some life insurance contracts allow the dispensation of benefits before someone dies. That is an accelerated death benefit (ADB) rider. You will also see people refer to it as living benefits. You can use these terms interchangeably.  This is different from the cash accumulation value that builds up in permanent life insurance. You can borrow from.. Read More →

best life insurance with addison's disease

Best Approach for Buying Life Insurance with Addison’s Disease

​Buying life insurance with Addison’s disease can be a challenge for 2 reasons. The first reason is Addison’s is a rare disease. Rare conditions are more difficult to insure because underwriters don’t have a firm understanding of what they do to someone’s life expectancy. There is less historical data available on which to base rates.​The.. Read More →

low cost life insurance with an amputation

How To Find Low-Cost Life Insurance with an Amputation

​Good news! The majority of ​the time life insurance with an amputation doesn’t involve a ​ton of extra premium. ​Only a few situations will result in a rating or decline, but those are ​few and far between. ​There are roughly (depending on the company) 16 rating classifications. Each will determine the rates you pay. Both.. Read More →

medical information bureau MIB group

What is the Medical Information Bureau & How Does It Help?

The medical information bureau is a little-known part of the life insurance application process. Some consumers become alarmed when they find out they’re signing their personal information away to a 3rd party.What is the Medical Information Bureau (MIB Group)?The Medical Information Bureau and the MIB Group are the same thing. The MIB Group is a.. Read More →