how to get a $250,000 no exam life insurance policy

How to Decide if a $250,000 No Exam Life Insurance Policy is Right for You

​$250,000 of no exam life insurance might make perfect sense for you.​There are four questions to ask yourself before making a purchase:​Is $250,000 of life insurance right for me?Do I want life insurance that skips the medical exam?How do I determine the type of life insurance I want?What are the top life insurance companies to.. Read More →

life insurance for a 30 year old

How to Find the Best Life Insurance Policy for a 30 Year Old

​Life insurance is cheaper the younger you buy it. Waiting, even a year, can make a 3% to 8% difference in your premiums. Life insurance for a 30 year old is about as cheap as it’s going to get. Not everyone needs life insurance in their 30s. It depends on what’s going on in your.. Read More →

what to do with an unneeded life insurance policy

What are Your Options for a Life Insurance Policy You Don’t Need?

​Life settlements have become increasingly popular in the last three decades as seniors no longer need life insurance policies they’ve held onto for years. But is a life settlement the only option for someone who no longer needs their life insurance? What if you still need life insurance, but your policy and premiums are just.. Read More →

getting life insurance after thyroid cancer

How to Find Affordable Life Insurance After Thyroid Cancer

​You can get approved for life insurance after thyroid cancer. Before you beat thyroid cancer, insurance options are limited to guaranteed issue policies. After you recover, your options will depend on the type and stage you beat. ​Quick Summary​Thyroid cancer has several different subtypes and forms of those subtypes. Not to mention all the other factors.. Read More →

life insurance at 65 year old

How to Get the Lowest Prices on Life Insurance for a 65 Year Old

Life insurance for a 65 year old actually has some advantages, believe it or not. The best one is that many life insurance companies change their build charts at 65 to allow a little more weight in the better health classes. Scientific studies indicate that having a little extra weight as you age can help.. Read More →

Wellness Association of America Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Everybody Gets Approved with Protection PLUS Life Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance!

Protection PLUS Life (Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance) – the perfect solution to fit your Life Insurance needs. Available to anyone age 18 – 75. Everyone qualifies and is accepted – Guaranteed!Enroll online or give us a call at (888) 905-0333. All applications approved!Your WAOA Guaranteed Issue Group Life Membership benefit package includes:Association MembershipWellness Plan of AmericaNon-Insured.. Read More →

Living Trusts – The Next Step to Protect Your Children with Life Insurance

You bought life insurance to protect your children, but you are not finished yet. Probate courts will not issue large life insurance checks to minors. So where does that money go until your children become adults? How will their guardian afford to care for them?A living trust solves these problems. Plus, they’re easy to set.. Read More →

life insurance for dermatitis patients

Finding Affordable Life Insurance with Dermatitis

​For most forms of dermatitis, finding life insurance isn’t a big deal. The insurance companies make a note of it and move on. For some types of dermatitis, it can crush your chances of getting into a good health class. While most people won’t have problems finding affordable life insurance with dermatitis, it’s important to.. Read More →

Life insurance for a 59 year old

Astounding Tips for Finding Low Cost Life Insurance for a 59 Year Old

​Getting life insurance ​for a 59 year old doesn’t have to be a hassle. There are several shortcuts you can take to save yourself both time and money. The most important part is not putting it off for another year or two. That little delay can quickly add up in premiums. ​Quick Summary​If your term.. Read More →