Life Insurance Needs Calculator

Learn how much life insurance to buy with our fast and easy life insurance calculator. Watch the following video to learn how to use the calculator.

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Cash Needs At Death

Final and Medical Expenses
Outstanding Mortgage Balance
Other Debt to Pay Off
How many Children Require College Funding
College Funding Type

Average Annual Cost of College Tuition and Expenses

Private: $ 42,224
Public (out-of-state): $ 33,973
Public (in-state): $ 21,447
Estate Transfer Costs
Charitable Contributions
Emergency Fund

Income for Survivors

Monthly Income Needed
Years to Provide Income
Anticipated Rate of Return
Anticipated Inflation Rate
Preserve the Principal

Current Resources

Investment Assets
Existing Life Insurance

Life Insurance Needs

Life Insurance Needs
Cash Needs at Death$000
Cash for Survivor Income$000
College Funding
Total Needed at Death$000

Current Resources
Available Life Insurance$000

Additional Insurance Needed$000
Current Assets
Current Life Insurance Available
Additional Insurance needed