Disability Insurance
Assurity 3-in-1 insurance review

Assurity StartSmart 3-in-1 Insurance Bundle – Save Time & Money

Assurity Life Insurance Company came out with a new product that’s making the insurance industry a whole lot more convenient for people to navigate, Assurity StartSmart.  It’s approved in most states, although a few states have limitations on critical illness and disability policies.  Quick Summary Assurity has a new, no-exam, near-instant underwriting combo policy. It…
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assurity short term DI

Assurity Short Term Disability Insurance – New Policy Review

We will review the new Assurity short-term disability policy, including all of the mechanics, special features, and good-to-know quirks. With 1 in 20 people experiencing a short-term disability this year, considering how to keep the bills paid is time well spent.  The exciting part about this new policy is that it provides coverage for gig…
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difference between workers comp and disbaility insurance

Workers’ Compensation vs. Disability Insurance: Key Benefits & Differences

This article will cover workers’ compensation vs. disability insurance.  Most importantly, we’ll dive into what different types of coverage mean for your long-term financial security. Plus, you’ll get directions to more detailed resources if you decide that you would sleep better with coverage beyond what you have now.  Let’s get started.  Quick Summary The key…
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Disability Insurance for Self-Employed People (Definitive Guide)

Disability insurance for self-employed people offers protection if someone becomes unable to work. Rather than rely on government programs, you can get benefits that make more sense for your standard of living and get them faster.  The biggest misconception is what people think of as a disability. Since it’s not immediately apparent when someone has…
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largest disability insurance benefits

Exceptionally High-Limit Guaranteed Issue Disability Insurance for Groups

In this article, we’re going to cover the best way to get a high-limit guaranteed issue disability insurance plan set up for a group. That group could be a small business, executives at a large corporation, partners at a firm, or a group of specialty doctors at a clinic.  The handy thing about these plans…
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everything you need to know about disability insurance

Everything You Need to Know About Disability Insurance

There is nothing more important to your survival than your ability to earn a living. Your retirement accounts don’t matter if you can’t fund them. Your investments won’t appreciate properly if you can’t contribute. You can’t pay your mortgage. You can’t feed your family. Income is what holds everything together. Disability insurance protects that income.…
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