A Modern Approach to Investing

At Abrams Insurance Solutions, we use a Data Driven Tactical Approach to investing. This is not the cookie cutter passive approach where you “buy and hope”. Our team at LifePro Asset Management (LPAM) monitors economic indicators to decide when to invest and when to seek safety.

We look for companies that are disruptors in their industry and who are poised for long term growth. Our team will do the research and make trades on your behalf. The goal is to maximize your returns over time.

Portfolio Features

  • Focused investments that are recognizable and liquid
  • 100% daily liquidity
  • Your assets are fully secured at Charles Schwab or TD Ameritrade
  • Direct links can be setup with outside client accounts
    • Allows client to transfer cash back and forth instantly
  • Client owns their account and can hire/fire advisor at will
  • Transparent fee structure paid monthly in arrears

Your Estate Under One Roof

Our Mission is to Place Stability & Tax Efficiency at the Core of Your Estate

Financial plan parts
  • Tax efficient wealth management solutions
  • Personalized estate planning
  • Targeted growth objectives
  • Life insurance and retirement income strategies
  • Customized & TACTICAL investment portfolios

Leading Custodians

Your assets are fully secured at Charles Schwab or TD Ameritrade.

Logos of TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab
  • Two of the largest custodian platforms
  • Assets were safe through 2008 without any government bailout
  • Access to over 13,000 investment products
  • Your accounts belong to you; not us
  • Accounts are fully portable

Stock Selection Process

We invest in companies that we believe are going from GOOD to GREAT. Our growth portfolio usually contains 20-30 stocks with the following characteristics:

Graph of stock selection process
  1. Long-Term Secular Growth: Invest in companies that are positioned to experience long-term sales growth that is separate and distinct from the business cycle.
  2. Operational Excellence: Management teams with a history of operational excellence, consistent sales execution and prudent capital allocation.
  3. Positive Forward Sales Revisions: Companies that are executing superior revenue growth and are revising future sales and earnings upward.
  4. Attractive Valuation: Attractive growth adjusted valuations, a growing total addressable market and where the potential return relative to downside risks represents a more attractive investment.

Data Driven Tactical Approach

Our team removes emotion from the process and focuses on data for investment decisions. Most people don’t have the time or knowledge to research which companies to invest in. We do the research so you can spend your time enjoying your money; not stressing about where to put it.

Internal market indicators determine market “Traffic Signals”. These signals indicate if we should invest (green light) or not invest (red light).

internal stock market indicators are like traffic signals
  • GREEN – All Systems Go – Invested
    • Most stocks are participating in the rally
    • Economically sensitive sectors outperforming
    • Industrial production cycle is healthy
    • Inventories are lean and new orders strong
  • YELLOW – Warning Symptoms Identified
    • Less stocks participating in the rally
    • Banking lending becoming more restricted
    • Signs of inventory backlog
    • Defensive sectors starting to outperform
  • RED – Symptoms Confirmed
    • More stocks falling vs. rising in a rising tape
    • Corporate credit risk rising
    • Inventory correction underway

Three Steps Toward Financial Security

Building sustainable wealth involves more than just investing in the right companies. Proper planning will transfer risk to an insurance company when it makes sense. Wealth accumulation should include strategies to minimize taxes and volatility. Retirement should be based on maximizing your protected sources of income that you can never outlive.

We help clients with the following:

Insurance Investments and Retirement
  1. INCOME PROTECTION: Securing Your Required Income
    • Maximizing Social Security income
    • Supplement Social Security with tax-advantaged income from a cash value life insurance policy
    • Utilizing a custom designed Fixed Annuity to secure an additional source of lifetime income
    • Three sources of lifetime income that will increase over time to offset inflation
  2. ESTATE PROTECTION: Establish a Tax Shield
    • Utilize the benefits of life insurance to accumulate and distribute assets tax-free
    • Principal protection while participating in market upside
    • Guilt free retirement spending while leaving more for your loved ones
    • Tax protected wealth transfer
  3. TACTICAL INVESTING: Maximize Growth While Being Tactical
    • Compliment your income and estate plan by focusing on growing your surplus assets
    • Tactical investment process that can quickly rotate from offense to defense
    • Absolute return focused
    • Complete transparency and no minimum commitment periods and no load purchase and termination

Time Focused Asset Allocation

Organizing your money by time brings clarity. We look at when you expect to need your money to help decide if it should go into our conservative (Preservation) or growth (Opportunity) portfolio. In addition to investments, we may recommend adding additional strategies to your portfolio.

Our additional strategies may include tax-free options that are not exposed to market risk. Or, we may look at taking a 401(k) or IRA and turning those into guaranteed lifetime income that you will not outlive.

The image below shows how a potential $1M+ portfolio may be allocated. Your allocations are customized to your specific needs and goals.

Why Abrams Insurance Solutions?

There are few advisors who are experienced in taking a holistic look at your financial plan. Many advisors only work with investments and may have bias against insurance products. Other advisors are insurance licensed only. They are not fiduciaries and cannot comment on your investments.

Some advisors are “Captive” meaning that they represent one company and will only recommend products from that company. That product may not be the best fit for you, but the captive advisor has no other alternatives to offer.

Chris Abrams is a fiduciary and will always place your interests first and as a top priority. He is product agnostic and will provide an unbiased recommendation. It makes no difference if you are interested in investments, insurance, guaranteed income or some combination of these products.

Lastly, he is not captive and represents over 70 of the leading insurance companies. He will shop them all to find you the best product for your situation.

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