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Why Use Our Independent Life Insurance Agency?

There are 2 types of life insurance agents:  Captive and Independent. Learn the difference to decide what is best for you.

  • Captive Life Insurance Agent:  A captive insurance agent only represents one company such as State Farm. They can only sell that company’s products. These products are usually more expensive than other options. These companies are also more strict with their underwriting. This means they will charge more for life insurance or may decline you altogether if you have serious health issues.
  • Independent Life Insurance Agent: An independent agent represents multiple insurance companies. Some agents may represent 5- 10, but we represent over 70 insurance companies. This allows us to shop dozens of companies to find the lowest rate for your coverage. This also provides us many unique insurance options. Some of our clients started working with a captive agent. However, they were declined for coverage or their coverage was much more expensive than what we found. We were able to earn their business because we saved them money or found coverage for them when other agents could not.

As independent insurance advisers, we work for you and not the insurance companies.

To best serve your needs, we represent over 70 of the top A-rated or better insurance carriers to offer you a wider selection of coverage options while ensuring that the coverage will be there when you need it. Based in beautiful San Diego, California and licensed in several states to provide a superior level of service wherever you may live.

With one call or email, we will shop all of the top carriers on your behalf saving you time, money, and frustration.

Our Mission: To save you time and money on your insurance purchase

Abrams Insurance Solutions is an independent insurance and financial services company dedicated to helping our clients find the best solution at the lowest price. We think outside the box to employ creative and proven strategies to help you manage risk while planning for the future. When working with us, you can expect fast response, extraordinary product knowledge and unmatched service and support. Based in San Diego, we work with clients in all 50 states.

Following are answers to common questions when shopping for insurance.

How Do I Comparison Shop Insurance Rates?

I am going to let you in on a secret…. Insurance rates are set by the insurance companies and are not negotiable. Rates will be the exact same for the same policy if you meet with an agent in person or shop 10 different websites. The insurance quotes on this website will be the absolute lowest prices you will find anywhere for the same policy. Rest assured that you are receiving the lowest rates when you check quotes on this website. View our full guide to life insurance rates by age.

If Insurance Prices Are The Same, How Are You Different?

When buying life insurance, there are 14 different health classes that you may be approved for. Each health class pays a different rate for insurance. Our goal is to get you approved for the best health class which means you pay the lowest premium for your coverage. Following are some examples of how Abrams Insurance Solutions is different:

  • We will save you money [Example]:

    Let’s pretend you use marijuana and need life insurance. An agent who doesn’t know any better may have you apply with a life insurance company that charges smoker rates to marijuana users. A 40 year old male will pay $180/month (tobacco rate) for a $500,000, 20 year term. We would have you apply with a marijuana-friendly company that will offer you a nonsmoker rate. The same $500,000, 20 year term will cost you $68/month when you work with us.  This will save you $26,880 over the 20 year term!

  • Selection of companies:

    As mentioned above, a captive insurance agent only represents one insurance company while an independent agent may represent 5 or 10 companies. We have access to over 70 of the leading (A and A+ rated) insurance companies in America. The more companies that we can shop, the more likely we will save you money.

  • Access to unique products: 

    Our selection of companies offer special products that other agents do not have access to. We have no exam life insurance with only 7 yes/no questions to qualify. The only requirement for another one of our no exam life insurance companies is working 30 hours per week (no health questions asked). You can even get $1,000,000 of no medical exam life insurance when you work with us. Do you own a business and need a $12,000,000 key man life insurance policy within a few days? This was a client of ours and we got it done.

  • Underwriting Expertise:

    Each life insurance company will offer a different price for your age, amount of coverage and any health/lifestyle issues. It is imperative to apply with the one company that will offer the lowest price for your unique set of circumstances. We are experts in life insurance underwriting and know which company is most likely to offer the best rate for your situation. Most other agents will quote the lowest price without any consideration for your situation. You might get approved, but it won’t necessarily be with the best company for your needs.

  • We will switch companies to improve your life insurance offer:

    Surprises sometimes happen during life insurance underwriting. Clients may forget to mention something or there is something in their medical records that they are not aware of. After underwriting, we may not get the same health rating as we applied for. When this happens, most agents will just say to accept the offer. We do not do this at Abrams Insurance Solutions.

    If the offer of coverage comes back different than how we applied, we will review your lab work, medical records and application. This review may show that a different life insurance company is likely to offer a better rate on your insurance. We will then switch your application to the other insurance company to make sure you receive the best offer and lowest price on your coverage.

Can I Skip the Life Insurance Exam?

Yes!  At Abrams Insurance Solutions, we specialize in no exam life insurance. No exam life insurance options are becoming more prevalent as the American consumer values their time more than ever. Many people dislike needles or need a policy fast. See our no exam life insurance page for more details.

You can view instant quotes from the best no exam life insurance companies and learn which company is the best for your situation.

How Do Pre-existing Health Conditions Affect Life Insurance?

Life insurance rates depend on age, amount of coverage, duration of coverage and the state of your health.  As mentioned above, our underwriting expertise will help us guide you to apply with the one company that will offer the best rates for your circumstances. This will help you save money on your insurance.

If you have pre-existing health conditions, it is imperative to speak with us first so we can learn more about your condition.  We can help you find the best coverage for any health condition.  To learn more about some conditions we help insure, we have a pre-existing health conditions page.

Whether you have anything from Crohn’s Disease or Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, or something even more common like diabetes, we can guide you to the best life insurance company.  Contact us with the specifics of your condition and we will put our underwriting expertise to work.

Is My Information Safe With You?

Independent life insurance agent

Chris Abrams has been helping clients around the country save money on their life insurance since 2009.

We are a family owned business dedicated to helping our clients save money on their life insurance. Many life insurance websites are call centers just trying to meet a quota.  Other life insurance websites sell their leads to many life insurance agents. You may be called by 5 different agents or more when you enter your information into those sites.

Abrams Insurance Solutions is a family owned business. Your personal information is safe with us and will never ever be sold or shared. We are here to earn your business the old fashioned way … with trust, integrity and putting your interest ahead of our own.

How Do I Build Wealth With Life Insurance?

What are your biggest challenges when it comes to your retirement savings? Increasing taxes, the next stock market crash/correction or earning a decent rate of return to stay ahead of inflation?

We specialize in strategies that enable our clients to have potential double digit growth on their savings while protecting your hard earned dollars from the ravages of the stock market and future taxes.

We build long lasting relationships with our clients to understand their goals and put strategies in place to overcome the many challenges of building wealth, such as market risk, taxes, inflation and interest. Contact us to see an easy to understand road-map of how long your money will last with your current plan compared to making small changes that will result in more retirement income with less taxes, worry and risk.

Still have questions? Check out our most frequently asked questions or contact us for a needs assessment. If you just want to see the numbers, go ahead and click the button below for an instant and free life insurance quote right here in your browser.

Welcome to Abrams Insurance Solutions, where we save you time and money on your insurance.