Why should you be concerned about future taxes?


With our official national debt about to top $19,000,000,000,000 and tax rates at historical lows, raising taxes is one logical way for our country to combat the growing debt problem.  The diagram illustrates how we are historically in one of the lowest tax rates we’ve ever been in the past 95 years.

As you save money for the future, what type of vehicle do you think will be the best place to protect your money?

  1. A taxable vehicle where your gains are taxed at the current rate every year?
  2. A tax-deferred vehicle where your principal and interest will both be taxed at the future rate when you access your money?
  3. A tax-free vehicle where your money grows tax-deferred, but can be accessed tax-free at any time?

At Abrams Insurance Solutions, we specialize in vehicles that protect your money from market risk and receive preferential tax treatment in the future.  Learn more by watching the video on this page.