A New and Improved Retirement Savings Plan!

A Retirement Plan that Provides More Flexibility and Less Market Risk and Taxes Than a 401(k)

If you are frustrated with the volatility in your 401(k), it’s important to learn about alternative options. Often the American worker starts a 401K with the best intentions, but does not realize the pitfalls that also plague a 401K. 

There is a better way to save for retirement, but it involves thinking outside the box and going against the preprogramming that Corporate America bestows upon us. 

It involves using a life insurance contract for your retirement savings.  This same plan can also be used to save money for your child’s education expense or as a way to avoid future taxes on your interest earnings.

Life insurance, and in particular an Indexed Universal Life policy, is the only vehicle that combines the proven benefits of compound interest, indexing to protect you from market losses and the tax treatment of life insurance.  This type of policy allows you to save money for your retirement with no market risk and no taxes to pay on your gains and future income.  

You can access the money whenever you want and if you don’t spend it all, it goes to your heirs income tax free.   Again, it takes out the risk, taxes, and rules from the typical 401(k) plan.  Not all life insurance contracts offers these benefits, but there is a certain type that if setup properly, offers a superior and safe way to save for retirement.

We are experts at designing these plans to provide the maximum tax-advantaged cash flow while keeping expenses at the minimum.

Here are some of the features of this plan:


Your account is indexed to the market, but your money is in the market.  You gain when the market goes up, but you never lose when the market goes down.  This is a very strong position to be in no matter what the challenge is, but especially when your retirement and quality of life depends on it.


In terms of expenses, if setup properly, it can be much less expensive than the fees and expenses you pay to a 401K administrator and mutual fund manager.  Watch the video above to see how fees compare.


What happens if the main bread-winner who is putting money away for your kid’s education faces the unthinkable?  With this plan, the insurance benefit may cover the future education expenses and more.  The death benefit can be a tremendous way to leverage your assets for a favorite charity, family estate planning, or to create a lasting legacy.  This plan protects you from the unexpected because it is still life insurance and offers a death benefit; however, this plan is also being used for the “living benefits” (tax free income stream).


In some states, the cash value in a life insurance contract is protected from creditors.


There is no limit to how much you can save in this plan.  Super wealthy individuals may save millions, while others may save a few hundred per month to supplement other retirement accounts. 

You do not have to be 59.5 to access your money … you always have access to the cash value in your policy, regardless of your age, without penalty, and no matter what the money is used for.  If you don’t need or spend all the money in your policy, it will go to your beneficiaries income tax free.

Whether you use this type of plan to supplement your other retirement savings, college funding, or future cash needs; it can be an important part of your your portfolio because it offers different benefits and further diversification.  

If you are frustrated with the performance and inflexibility of your 401(k), you should learn about other options.  No other financial vehicle offers the safety, tax treatment, and flexibility of an Indexed Universal Life policy.  

We specialize in this type of policy, own this policy, and would be happy to further explain its benefits and show how it can be an invaluable part of your financial future.