Life Insurance Tips
sears life insurance policy

Is Your Company Group Life Insurance at Risk– The Sears Lesson

​Many companies offer group life insurance benefits. It’s a great employee perk that provides coverage for your family. ​A recent LIMRA survey shows that 108 million Americans have life insurance through a group plan. 102 million have coverage through an individual plan. ​The major difference between the two types is one you have control over.…
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what to do with an unneeded life insurance policy

What are Your Options for a Life Insurance Policy You Don’t Need?

​Life settlements have become increasingly popular in the last three decades as seniors no longer need life insurance policies they’ve held onto for years. But is a life settlement the only option for someone who no longer needs their life insurance? What if you still need life insurance, but your policy and premiums are just…
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why use independent life insurance agent

6 Advantages of Using an Independent Life Insurance Agent

What makes an independent life insurance agent different than a company agent? Easy. One matches their products to their clients. The other needs to match their customers to the select products they have available. So which one offers you the better deal? Always ask yourself this one very important question before you choose a life…
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questionnaire for life insurance underwriting

Life Insurance Underwriting Questions

Do you want to save money on your life insurance?   Then take the time to complete this short questionnaire.     What you need to know: This information is private and will not be shared with any insurance companies. The only purpose of providing this information is so we can review with our underwriting…
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save time and money on life insurance

10 Ways We Save You Time and Money When Shopping for Life Insurance

You will not find a lower price for the same insurance policy.   Insurance rates are set by the insurance company and you will not find a lower price anywhere on the web or from any other agent.  We will shop the leading insurance companies for you and bring you the lowest rates for your…
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life insurance medical exam preparation

How to Prepare for a Life Insurance Medical Exam

All traditional life insurance policies, whether it be a term or a permanent policy such as Indexed Universal Life or Whole Life require that you take a medical exam. If you prefer a life insurance policy without a medical exam, call us at 858-703-6178 and we can help you shop the no exam life insurance…
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how to save money when buying life insurance

How to Save Money on Life Insurance

Saving money is important for everyone, and this also applies to life insurance. Many people are of the opinion that most life insurance companies will charge just about the same for a policy, but this isn’t the case. There is an abundance of ways you can save money when buying life insurance. Even a few…
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Student loan life insurance

Why College Students Seriously Need To Consider Buying Life Insurance

If your parent is co-signing big student loans for you, remind them to consider buying a life insurance policy while they are at it. According to the U.S. Almanac of Higher Education there are on average 20 million students who attend college each year. Of these student there are 12 million students who will borrow…
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Should I Buy Decreasing Term Insurance (Mortgage Protection Insurance)?

Should I Buy Mortgage Life Insurance? We have been receiving many calls lately asking about mortgage protection insurance, otherwise known as decreasing term insurance or mortgage life insurance.  The concept sounds logical; the death benefit equals the amount of the mortgage and decreases over time as your mortgage balance is paid down.  Shortly after closing…
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6 Strategies for Charitable Giving with Life Insurance

Charitable giving with life insurance offers a way to leverage money for increased donations and minimize taxes.  It’s a less common strategy. There is an array of tax considerations, as well as strategies depending on your specific goals. We’ll cover them in detail.  Quick Summary Donating to charity through life insurance is more complicated than…
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