How to Obtain Life Insurance Approval With Type 1 Diabetes

Approval for a life insurance policy with Type 1 Diabetes (insulin dependent diabetes) was virtually impossible just a few short years ago. Due to medical advances and new types of treatments and monitoring systems, it is now more possible to manage Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 and get approved for insurance.  We are the experts at getting clients approved for coverage with diabetes.  Contact us for immediate help in getting approved for life insurance at the lowest available rates.

Life insurance companies are slowly catching up to these new advances and have begun to loosen their policies on how they rate persons.

However, it is still a challenge to find life insurance with a medical condition from a company that won’t charge you a bundle of money, or decline your application.

How Life insurance Companies Rate People With Type 1 Diabetes


We can help you get approved for life insurance with Diabetes Type 1.

There are a variety of factors that are used by insurers when it comes to rating people who have been diagnosed with T1DM, formerly known as Juvenile Diabetes or Insulin Dependent Diabetes.

However, the 3 key overall factors are basically:

  • Compliance
  • Control
  • Complications, if any

 This simply means that if you are visiting your endocrinologist and doctor on a regular basis, and clearly show that you are following their treatment plans, you will be seen in a more favorable light by a prospective insurer.

Not only will you have a better chance at being approved for a life insurance policy, but also stand an improved chance of obtaining a less expensive policy.

It’s actually a bit more complicated as there are several other key factors that will influence how you will be rated.

One thing to keep in mind is that each insurer can vary quite significantly in how they apply these ratings.  Some companies are much more liberal than others. A few even specialize in insuring diabetes patients.

And, even if you might not qualify for a standard policy with most insurers, there are companies which specialize in high risk health situations.  There are other types of policies, such as a Guaranteed Issue life insurance policy, that will approve you with any health condition.  Regardless if you need life insurance and have type 2 diabetes or type 1; contact us to help get your life insurance approved.

Rating Factors Used By Life Insurers for Type 1 Diabetics

The main factors that life insurers use in deciding whether they will approve or decline you for a policy if have T1DM include the following:

  • The Age Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes
  • A1C Tests
  • Amount of Daily Insulin
  • Other Health Factors 

Let’s look at these rating factors in more detail.

Age When Diabetes 1 Was Diagnosed

One of the biggest rating factors is the exact age when your diabetes was diagnosed.  Whether you were diagnosed before or after age 5 can significantly affect your rating.  Many insurers will increase your rating if you were diagnosed before age 5.

The following rating factors in addition to the age at diagnosis will play a role in determining your rating and therefore premium you pay for your life insurance policy.

Your rating may also depend on your current age relative to when you were diagnosed.  For example, your ratings can be impacted if you were diagnosed later on such as in your teens, or early twenties or later, and your current age such as if you are in your 30’s, 40’s, or in your 50’s.

In summary, when you were diagnosed and your current age are very relevant in how you will be rated.

Type Diabetes And The A1C Test

This is one of the most crucial rating factors that life insurers use in determining whether you will be approved, declined and how you will be assessed for a premium.

The A1C test is also called the Glycerated Hemoglobin Test or H1A1C Test.  This provides an insurer with a very clear depiction of your average glucose levels over the previous 3 months.

The A1C test is also very indicative of how well you are controlling and complying in the management of your glucose levels.

Non-diabetics have an A1C level of 5.5 or less.  For those who have Type 1 diabetes, the area where you will be most favorably rated is 7.0 or less.

You will likely be approved for a policy but at a higher rating if you are rated between 7.0 and 9, and may be declined for any results which are higher.

The better you can manage and lower your A1C test, the better your chances at finding a more affordable policy.

life-insurance-approval-for-Type 1-diabetes

Different factors will affect your rating and the premium you pay for your life insurance policy. Put us to work to find you the best and least expensive life policy.

Daily Insulin Amounts

The amount of insulin that you take on a daily basis may also affect how you are rated.  The best insulin amount and which you use on a daily basis would be 25 units or less.

You can also find approval for coverage if you are taking up to 50 units per day but you will receive a less favorable rating the higher the amounts required.  Most insurers will decline approval if you require more than 50 units of insulin per day.

Other Health Factors

Type 1 diabetics are generally more prone to other health complications such as an increased risk for heart disease, stroke, kidney failure and nerve damage which is also referred to as neuropathy.

Other health related factors that can impact how you are rated include your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, your weight,  if you exercise regularly and whether you are a smoker.

If you have other health complications which are independent of your diabetes, then this will likely impact how you are rated and whether you will be approved for a policy.

Some of these health factors are something which you manage and take control of yourself such as quitting smoking, reducing your weight and changing your diet.

The better you manage your overall health, the better you will be able to not only manage your diabetes but will be placed in better rating classification by an insurer.  If you have diabetes and want a no exam life insurance policy, we represent the major no exam companies as well.

How to Find Affordable Premiums for a Type 1 Diabetic

As the rating classifications vary significantly from insurer to insurer, your best approach in finding the most affordable policy if you have Type 1 diabetes is to use an independent life insurance agent.  At Abrams Insurance Solutions, we know how every life insurance company will most likely rate a client who has diabetes and we will guide you to apply with the best and least expensive company for your circumstances.

Independent agents have the ability to access numerous life insurance companies and we know which ones are the most liberal when it comes diabetes.

If you have any questions about Type 1 Diabetes or any other health concerns and how they affect life insurance, then call Abrams Insurance Solutions at 858-703-6178.  Remember that we work for you and not the insurance companies.  Our goal is to help you get approved for the least expensive life insurance policy available.