No Exam Life Insurance – The Best Companies & How To Qualify

Life insurance with no medical exam is a convenient and affordable option for coverage. If you need coverage fast or don’t like needles, this might be the perfect option for you. We represent all of the major companies and will match you with the option that best protects your family at the lowest cost.

Quick Tip: Use the INSTANT QUOTES form to view No Exam rates immediately. Most no exam companies offer a maximum of $500,000 of coverage. Put $500,000 or less in the quote form to see the no exam options.

 If you need coverage above $500,000, you can combine multiple no exam policies. Continue reading to learn more about this option and the details of the top companies.

Why No Exam Life Insurance?

Consumers want everything faster and easier. You can buy almost anything online today and have it delivered tomorrow. Life insurance is slowly catching up. The norm for a fully underwritten life insurance policy is 6-8 weeks from receipt of an application. You can now get approved for a no exam life insurance policy in a matter of minutes.

life insurance white coat syndrome

A fully underwritten policy requires an exam. A nurse will come to your home or business and take a urine and blood sample. That requires you to schedule an appointment in advance and fast for 8 hours before the exam. Who wants to schedule another appointment and go through that inconvenience? Now you don’t have to with a no medical exam policy.

Some people hate needles. Others have White Coat Syndrome. White Coat syndrome happens when someone gets anxious seeing a nurse or doctor in a white coat and their blood pressure spikes. This spike can negatively affect their life insurance rating and is the perfect solution for those with White Coat Syndrome.

We also see a demand for no exam people who are just plain busy. People working 40 to 100 hour weeks, plus trying to make time for their families tend to gravitate toward the faster, more convenient options.

What About Other Scenarios?

Life insurance with quick turnaround times like this also works well if you need insurance to cover a loan or divorce agreement. That way you don’t need to worry about your life insurance approval holding up other legal or financial situations.

Some agents will suggest choosing a no exam life insurance policy if you haven’t seen your doctor in a while. This rarely works in our experience. The underwriter will pull your medical records to make sure that you’re as healthy as you say you are.

If there are no recent medical records available, there is a good chance they will request a medical exam to verify your health.

The Top Six No-Medical Exam Life Insurance Companies

As an experienced independent life insurance agent, we have compiled a list of some the best life insurers which offer the most affordable no medical exam life insurance policies.

Take a look at our brief descriptions of the top companies. They each offer different products with different guidelines. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 888-905-0333.


Sagicor Life Insurance No Exam Policy

Sagicor is one of the only companies to offer a No Exam Term, No Exam Guaranteed Universal Life and a No Exam Whole Life policy. Following are the basics of each policy type:

Sagicor Term Life Insurance:

  • Issue Ages: 18 – 65 (20-year term Tobacco limited to age 55)
  • Face Amounts: $50,000 to $1,000,000 (Up to $1M with no exam option)
  • Risk Classes: Preferred & Standard Non-Tobacco and Tobacco
  • Term Periods: 10, 15 and 20

Sagicor No Lapse Universal Life Insurance:

  • Issue Ages: 16 – 65
  • Face Amounts: $25,000 to $400,000
  • Risk Classes: Preferred & Standard Non-Tobacco and Tobacco, Rated Non-Tobacco

Sagicor Sage Whole Life Insurance:

  • Issue Ages: 16 – 65
  • Face Amounts: $25,000 to $250,000
  • Risk Classes: Preferred & Standard Non-Tobacco and Tobacco, Rated Non-Tobacco


Phoenix Life Insurance No Exam Policy

Phoenix Life Safe Harbor Term is a unique option among its competitors. This policy provides term life insurance and includes 4 riders. These riders allow the client to take a portion of the death benefit early in the event of a covered illness or condition. These riders include:

  • Chronic Illness – Unable to perform 2 out of 6 activities of daily living or a severe cognitive impairment
  • Critical Illness – heart attack, stroke, cancer, kidney failure, major organ transplant, ALS
  • Terminal Illness – diagnosed with a life expectancy of 12 months or less
  • Unemployment – waives premium for a while if you become unemployed

You can also add an Accidental Death Rider for an additional premium. If death occurs by a covered accident, this benefit pays an additional lump-sum benefit to your beneficiaries.

This policy is not going to be the least expensive no-exam term option. However, it is like term insurance on steroids with the additional benefits you can use while you are alive.

Term Periods and Issue Ages (last birthday):

  • 10 year: Ages 18 – 80
  • 15 year: Ages 18 – 70
  • 20 year: Ages 18 – 65
  • 30 year: Ages 18 – 55 (non-tobacco)
  • 30 year: Ages 18 – 50 (tobacco)

Face Amounts Available by Age:

​Issue Ages

​Face Amounts

​18 – 50

​$25​,000 – $500​,000

​51 – 60

​$25​,000 – $400​,000

​61 – 70

​$25​,000 – $300​,000

​71 – 80

​$25,000 – $150,000

They also accept many health conditions that other no exam companies do not. Therefore, if you have a health condition that is not life-threatening, this policy may still work for you.

​We also have access to another unique no-exam policy with very limited distribution. This policy offers $10,000 to $100,000 of coverage. The term is to age 100. That means you don’t have to worry about a term policy ending in 10 or 20 years. The premiums will remain level to age 100. This is from an “A” rated insurance company. To qualify, you just have to answer “NO” to 7 yes/no questions. There are no questions asked about smoking or weight. Ages to start this policy are from 18 to 64. Contact us for rates and more information about this policy.


Assurity No Exam Policy

Assurity Life offers its product as NonMed Term 350 which is a no medical exam life insurance policy. Policies are for ages 18 – 65 and you can find coverage amounts from between $50,000 – $350,000.

You cannot apply for this policy online, and your application must be an agent-assisted application which can be completed either by phone OR via a paper application. You will generally receive a decision within 10 days and generally not more than 14 days.

Please contact our office at 888-905-0333 so you can start the application process today.


Fidelity No Exam Policy

Fidelity Life Insurance offers 3 different no medical exam life insurance policies, and whichever one you choose, they will give you their decision within 48 hours. The 3 types of no-exam policies include:

  • Rapid Decision Express – Provides Term life insurance issued for ages 18-65 with policy coverage ranging from $25,000 – $250,000. You are required to complete the application over the phone with an agent, and you must be in good health.
  • Hybrid Life Insurance – Provides Term life insurance issued for ages 18-65 with policy coverage ranging from $50,000 – $1,000,000. You will also be required to complete the application over the phone with an agent. The difference is that you can be approved for this policy even if you have some health issues and will still qualify. You can take a medical exam if you wish to turn the full amount into “all cause” coverage.
  • Senior Whole and Term Life Insurance – This option provides either Term Life Insurance or Whole Life Insurance for seniors from ages 50-70. The coverage options range from $10,000 – $150,000. However, you will only receive partial coverage during the first 3 years, but after 3 years you will have full coverage.

​American National (ANICO)

American National No Exam Policy

The ANICO Signature Term is a term life insurance policy provided for ages 18-65. The policy coverage amounts range from $50,000 – $250,000.

You have two options in how you apply as you can apply by phone or a paper application. An approved policy can be signed using an e-signature, or you can use a paper application which you can email, fax or have mailed to you. The company will provide you with a decision within 72 hours.

You should be aware that the underwriting requirements for this company are very stringent and you must be in excellent health before you can qualify. The advantage, if you are very healthy, is that this company has some of the best available no medical term life insurance rates.

There are many additional options

We have only scratched the surface of the available no-exam policies with the Top 6 No Exam companies mentioned above. Many more companies have no exam options. We now have an option for $1,000,000 of coverage. However, this option has a 50% chance of requiring an exam depending on how the phone interview goes.

As an independent life insurance agents, it is our job to match you with the best and least expensive option for your needs. Contact us with the specifics of your situation, and we will help you the best option for your family. For additional information on policies offering higher benefits, take a look at our articles on $500,000 and $250,00 life insurance.

What if I need more coverage?

When you hit a benefit limit with one company that doesn’t mean that’s all you can get.

There are two numbers each company tracks, the issue limit and participation limit. The issue limit is the maximum amount a company will offer in benefits on your policy. Participation limits track how much total life insurance you have.

For example, if Company A will only issue $250,000 on a no exam policy, they might participate up to $5,000,000 of life insurance.

If you and your agent determine that you need $500,000 of life insurance, you could get two no exam policies. Each one would with a $250,000 benefit.

You might hear your agent refer to this as stacking policies. It’s just like stacking bricks, or pancakes.

Types of No-Medical Exam Life Insurance Policies

As stated previously, there are several variations of no-medical exam policies and many hybrid variations offered by the various life insurers in this country.

It is vital that you understand the difference between the various policies offered as some are much more expensive than others. Be wary of the convenience and make sure you fully understand what you are applying for.

Others require no or very little information, but they tend to be more expensive. These may be better options if you do have some health issues and other carriers rejected your application.

These two main types of life insurance policies include:

  • Simplified Issue Life Insurance – You may be asked a few questions before a company will approve you for these policies such as whether you are a smoker, or have been diagnosed with HIV or Aids, or whether you are currently residing in a long term facility, or have other health-related issues. A simplified issue or accelerated underwriting policy can be wither term life insurance or whole life insurance.
  • Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance – These policies are also generally issued with little or no medical information required, but they have one major feature to keep in mind. These policies generally have a waiting period of 2 – 3 years. During this time, your beneficiaries will only receive the premiums you paid during this waiting period if you pass away. Some companies include interest. Your beneficiaries will only receive the full death benefits if you die after the waiting period or have an accidental death.

No Exam, No Medical Questions, and No Waiting Period

One option offers near immediate coverage with no exam and no medical questions. Guaranteed issue life insurance.

It’s guaranteed to anyone who applies as long as they meet the age criteria, usually between 18 and 75.

Keep in mind that there are a couple of downsides to this no-questions-asked type of policy. Low benefits. High costs. Benefit schedule.

Life insurance companies assume that many people looking for a policy that doesn’t look into the applicant’s health already have health problems. So they put in limitations to prevent themselves from going into bankruptcy.

Graded benefits mean that you must hold the policy for several years before your beneficiary will receive 100% of the death benefit.

You will never pay more in premiums for guaranteed issue life insurance than your family gets back. However, pay attention to how the company structures the graded benefits. They vary between companies.

Graded benefits for life insurance typically follow the table below.

​Years Held

​Benefits Payout

​1st Year

​110% of premiums paid

​2nd Year

​60% – 80% of the death benefits

​3rd Year

​100% of the death benefits

This is meant as a last resort style option. If you are in a situation where you need life insurance fast, without a medical exam or questions, then give us a call to see if there are better options. (888) 905-0333.

What Do No-Medical Exam Life Insurance Companies Check?

You should be aware that even though many companies do not require you to provide much in the way of medical information, you should keep in mind that you must never lie on your application about health-related issues.

All life insurance companies have access to an extensive national health database. This allows them to uncover information about your health issues.

The database checks made by life insurance underwriters include:

Medical Information Bureau (MIB) – This database is provided medical information from all North American life AND health insurance companies and your health information is something they share in confidence.

Pharmacy Report – This database lists ALL prescriptions that your doctors may have prescribed and can be very revealing about health-related issues.

Motor Vehicle Report – Your motor vehicle record will be checked with specific concern about DUI, suspended licenses, moving violations or reckless driving.

Always be truthful when you apply for a no medical exam life insurance policy. If you have less than perfect health or other concerns, give us a call. Our job is to help get you approved for life insurance (regardless of your circumstances) at the lowest rate possible.

No Exam for Seniors

One type of no exam life insurance that doesn’t require is Final Expense insurance. You also occasionally see it called burial insurance.

These are small policies. They offer benefits from $5,000 to $25,000.

Because the death benefits on the policies are limited, the offering companies don’t go through extensive underwriting. They skip the medical exam but still ask some medical questions on the application.

Final expense policies tend to be simple, whole life policies. Most people use it to pay off any final medical bills and to cover memorial services and burial/cremation costs.

They don’t have the same cash value accumulation. In all ways other than lasting for life, they are as simple as a term policy.

One newer policy does offer this type of insurance with the cash value accumulation. It’s called The Heritage Plan from Guarantee Trust Life. We’ve done an in-depth review here, but the highlights are anyone 40 – 90 can apply, there are only 5 qualifying medical questions on the application, and the approval time can be nearly instantaneous.

How Do No Exam Rates Compare to Rates With an Exam?

The following is a comparison to illustrate the difference in cost between taking an exam and skipping the exam. This is for a 45-year-old male who is healthy (with minor health issues). The rating is Preferred nonsmoker, and this is for a $100,000 benefit with a 20-year term:

​Fully Underwritten Policy

​No Exam Policy


​$19.60 / month

​$21.62 / month

​$2.02 / month

​$223.99 / year

​$248.51 / year

​$24.52 / year

​It’s personal preference if the savings is worth taking the exam. The good thing is that we offer both types of policies and you can compare prices by using the Instant Quote form on this page.

Here is another example for a 35-year-old female, standard nonsmoker (some health issues). $500,000, 20-year term:

​Fully Underwritten Policy

​No Exam Policy


​$​40.13 / month

​$​41.58 / month

​$​1.45 / month

​$​458.58 / year

​$​477.92 / year

​$​19.34 / year

Pros and Cons of No-Medical Exam Life Insurance Policies

Before you buy a policy, you should ensure you are buying it for the right reason. Let’s look at the pros and cons in more detail to help you make an informed decision.

no-medical exam low cost life insurance
Call us to compare rates between no-medical exam policies and standard policies.

No-Medical Exam Life Insurance Pros

Some of both the obvious and less obvious reasons to buy this type of policy include:

  • Convenience – This is one of the most common reasons as you can get a policy easily by phone or online and do not have to take a medical exam.
  • Quick Turnaround Time – Traditional medical exam policies can take up to 12 weeks to be approved. With many, if not most no-medical exam insurers, you can get either same day approval or at least get a decision within 72 hours. This can be enormously helpful if you require coverage immediately such as if you are taking a trip out of the country, or have applied for an SBA loan or an income stream advance.
  • Uncertain Health Issues – A no-medical exam policy might be your best option if you haven’t had a medical exam in several years. Insurance medical exams are relatively thorough, and it’s possible you may have developed non-symptomatic health issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or Type 2 Diabetes since your last visit. We do have additional information on options for diabetics here.
  • Serious Health Issues – If you do have a health issue which concerns you and are worried about the cost of a policy, or whether you might be declined for coverage altogether, a no medical exam policy might be the ideal choice.
  • No Needles – Many people are squeamish about needles, and if this applies to you, then you won’t have to worry about being poked with a needle.

No-Medical Exam Cons

There are also some good reasons not to opt for a no exam policy such as the following:

  • No-Medical Exam Policies Are Generally More Expensive – A no-medical exam policy has much less medical information about you on which the company can base their underwriting decision. This means the insurance company is assuming more of a risk to insure you. No-medical exam policies can be more expensive than policies which do require a medical exam. However, the difference in cost is becoming less and less between fully underwritten policies (which require an exam) and no exam policies.
  • Less Life Insurance Coverage – To reduce the exposure risk, almost all companies have very specific policy coverage limits on their no-medical exam policies. If you need higher life insurance policies greater than $500,000 which is the general ceiling range for no-exam policies, you may have to buy multiple policies to meet your needs.

​How to Apply

If you decide that the convenience of a no exam policy is worth the slightly higher cost, applying is ​simple.

  1. Check rates using the Instant Quotes form on this page or give us a call to run quotes for you. If you have moderate to severe health conditions, contact us first to help determine which no exam company will provide the lowest rate for your situation.
  2. We will then complete the application with you over the phone. It will take 10 – 25 minutes, depending on which company we use.
  3. You may or may not have to do a phone interview with the insurance company. This will vary by company and is not a big deal. The company will ask some more specific questions about your health.
  4. The insurance company will then notify us of your approval. If your policy is not approved, we will help you find a more suitable company that will approve you.
  5. Your life insurance policy will then be emailed or mailed to you, depending on the company.

What if I Don’t Qualify?

Qualifying is relatively easy if you’re young and healthy. However, getting older brings higher odds of medical concerns.

Once you hit 55, very few companies will consider this type of policy. That’s one of the major reasons we like the six companies listed above. They approve older people.

If you have had a serious medical condition in the past or currently have one, the insurance underwriter might decide they require a medical exam to insure you.

But that’s what your agent is for.

Their job is to go to bat for you with the insurance underwriter. They can also prescreen your application.

If you aren’t sure whether or not you’ll qualify for a no exam policy, be upfront with your agent about any medical conditions, whether you smoke. Even height and weight can disqualify people from this style of insurance.

Since the underwriting guidelines vary wildly between companies, talking with your agent first about any concerns with no exam life insurance can help them guide you toward the company with the best chances of approving you at the lowest possible ratings.

The most common reasons people don’t get approved are:

  • ​Health
  • ​Recent bankruptcy
  • ​Height and weight

If no company takes you without an exam, you may have to grin and bear it. You could also consider a final expense or guaranteed issue policy, but double check to see if those meet your family’s needs first.

Bottom Line on No-Medical Exam Policies

If you don’t like needles, are pressed for time or have some health issues and need coverage right away, then a no medical exam policy is an excellent choice.

If you are young and healthy, you can save money on your life insurance policy if you take a medical exam and purchase a fully underwritten policy. However, the price difference between no exam life insurance and fully underwritten life insurance is becoming less. Use the Instant Quotes Form to compare rates now.

Find Low-Cost No-Medical Exam Life Insurance Policies Now

An independent life insurance agent can shop dozens of life insurance companies on your behalf to save you time and money on your policy. Regardless, if you want life insurance without an exam or a fully underwritten policy, we will help you get covered for the least expensive premium today.

We have access to over 70 life insurers and know which companies have the lowest cost policies with or without a medical exam.

Call us if you have any questions about life insurance without a health exam  at 888-905–0333. You can also see instant quotes by using the INSTANT QUOTES form on this page.

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