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Inexpensive Term Life Insurance for 43 Year Olds

43 year olds life insurance

We will help you find affordable life insurance if you are 43.

Are a male or female who is looking for inexpensive life insurance for 43 year olds?

You can begin your search right here because we have researched and provided some sample quotes so you can get a rough idea of how much you might pay.

All these quotes are for term life insurance, but we also have provided some information for permanent insurance as well.

Why buy term insurance you ask?

Reasons Why Term Life Insurance Is So Affordable

Term life insurance is the most basic form of life insurance that you can buy. The reason is that it pays out death benefits only.

When choosing term life insurance, the two most important decisions that you have to make are:

• How big a policy do you need?
• How long do you need the insurance to be in place?

Your first decision is to determine how much you need to buy. Most people who do have life insurance are usually underinsured. You have to ask yourself, what do you want to happen (in regards to your life insurance) if you were not here.

It is especially important as an income replacement should you die unexpectedly and your family no longer has your income to support them.

You also have to consider your debts, the quality of life you want for your family and whether you want the proceeds to pay for children’s college tuition. You may also need funds to cover burial expenses and medical expenses that your health plan does not cover.

Term insurance is purchased to cover you for periods of time which is why it is called “term” insurance. These periods can be 10, 20 or 30 years in length for example. Some policies are age specific and cover you to age 65 or some other age.

Your premiums remain the same if you buy level term insurance which is what most people buy. However, there are 2 other types of term insurance known as “increasing term” and “decreasing term”, but you should discuss these in more detail with an independent agent such as you would find here at Abrams Insurance Solutions.

Samples of Inexpensive Term Life Insurance for 43 Year Olds

Check out our inexpensive life insurance quotes which have been broken down for both males and females.

Term life Insurance43 Year Old Male rated as “Preferred –Non Tobacco” health class which means only minor health issues.

Monthly Rates for Term Life Insurance – Male


$100,000 $250,000 $500,000 $1,000,000
10 Year Term $11.36 $18.55 $31.40 $53.40
20 year Term $16.98 $29.44 $51.80 $95.40
30 Year Term $26.78 $48.56 $89.10 $165.10

Term Life Insurance43 Year Old Female rated as “Preferred-Non Tobacco” health class rating which means minor health issues

Monthly Rates for Term Life Insurance – Female


$100,000 $250,000 $500,000 $1,000,000
10 Year Term $10.78 $16.68 $27.50 $46.70
20 year Term $13.73 $24.06 $41.55 $75.40
30 Year Term $20.30 $36.97 $66.65 $123.00

(Life Insurance Calculator) – To compare rates from the nation’s leading life insurance companies for your exact age – please use the Instant Life Insurance Quote calculator to the right.

If you want to get an idea of how much life insurance you need, please use our life insurance needs calculator which will help you determine the right amount for your unique situation.

Permanent Life Insurance for 43 Year Olds

Low cost life insurance for 43 year olds

Compare rates from the nation’s leading life insurance companies with our Instant Life Insurance Quotes.

Term insurance may not be the right life insurance solution for everyone because some people would be better off with a “Permanent Life Insurance” policy such as Universal Life, Indexed Universal Life, or Whole Life.

Permanent insurance not only offers death benefits but also comes with a cash value accumulation feature which accumulates throughout the span of the policy. These types of policies can offer certain tax benefits and are particularly useful for those who make a significant income or have an estate.

A permanent life insurance life insurance not only protects your money from taxes but you can also use to maximize your 401(k).

Talk to an independent agent to learn more about these types of policies.

Instant Issue Life Insurance

If you are looking for the fastest way to buy life insurance without an exam, then you check out our Instant Issue Life Insurance Without an exam.  You can complete an application online, skip the exam and have your policy in 15 minutes.

Finding Inexpensive Life Insurance Quotes for 43 Year Olds

Regardless, if you are healthy, if you smoke, or even if you have serious health issues; we can help you find the least expensive life insurance policy that will suit your needs. The reason we can say this is because we at Abrams Insurance Solutions have access to over 70 life insurance companies and we know which companies are the most lenient and will therefore provide the lowest life insurance rates for your unique circumstances.

Don’t hesitate and call us if you have questions or need some advice by contacting us at 858-703-6178 or use the Ask a Question tab to send us an email. If you are 43 and need life insurance, you have found an agent who can help save you time and money on your insurance.

Chris Abrams

Mr. Abrams and his team have helped 1,000's of people get approved for insurance in all 50 states. Our mission is to save you time and money on your insurance purchase. You can learn more about who we are and read our client reviews. Feel free to send Chris a message here.

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