Assurity 3-in-1 insurance review

Assurity StartSmart 3-in-1 Insurance Bundle – Save Time & Money

Assurity Life Insurance Company came out with a new product that’s making the insurance industry a whole lot more convenient for people to navigate, Assurity StartSmart.  It’s approved in most states, although a few states have limitations on critical illness and disability policies.  Quick Summary Assurity has a new, no-exam, near-instant underwriting combo policy. It…
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Why is $250,000 Whole Life Insurance so Popular?

In this article, we’re going to look at the most common type and coverage amount of life insurance chosen by Americans today – $250,000 whole life insurance.  You’ll learn how it works, why it’s so popular, the different types, the cash value component, and the pros and cons of each.  Let’s get started.  Quick Summary…
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assurity short term DI

Assurity Short Term Disability Insurance – New Policy Review

We will review the new Assurity short-term disability policy, including all of the mechanics, special features, and good-to-know quirks. With 1 in 20 people experiencing a short-term disability this year, considering how to keep the bills paid is time well spent.  The exciting part about this new policy is that it provides coverage for gig…
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Lloyds of London High Limit AD&D Insurance

Lloyd’s of London High Limit Accident Insurance Review

This review covers high-limit accident insurance from Lloyd’s of London. We will dive into the details of coverage options for exceptional situations, pros & cons, the financial strength of the insurer, and what makes this policy different from traditional life insurance. For more generalized information on accidental death and dismemberment policies, read this article. Quick…
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is kai-zen a good investment with high interest rates?

Does Kai-Zen Work When Interest Rates are Rising?

People have been asking if the Kai-Zen insurance strategy (indexed universal life insurance + leverage) will work when interest rates are rising. Rising interest rates is one of the risks with this type of leveraged wealth-building strategy. We will cover how interest rates affect investments, what banks look for and how Kai-Zen stands up in…
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difference between workers comp and disbaility insurance

Workers’ Compensation vs. Disability Insurance: Key Benefits & Differences

This article will cover workers’ compensation vs. disability insurance.  Most importantly, we’ll dive into what different types of coverage mean for your long-term financial security. Plus, you’ll get directions to more detailed resources if you decide that you would sleep better with coverage beyond what you have now.  Let’s get started.  Quick Summary The key…
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great western guaranteed life insurance

Reviewed: Great Western Insurance Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Great Western Insurance offers only final expense style insurance policies. Some of these are guaranteed issue life insurance policies with no medical questions or exams. One policy only asks a handful of medical questions.  Great Western also offers pre-need insurance plans. We will touch on the difference between what that is and more traditional life…
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Gerber Life guaranteed issue life insurance policy

Reviewed: Gerber Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

We will examine Gerber guaranteed issue life insurance – the benefits, qualifications, and details in the fine print.  Guaranteed life insurance products offer peace of mind to someone who might otherwise be uninsurable due to medical conditions, health history, and other hurdles in the application process. Companies offer this type of guaranteed acceptance policy so…
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AIG guaranteed issue whole life insurance review

Reviewed: AIG GIWL (Guaranteed Issue Whole Life) Insurance

We’re reviewing the Guaranteed Issue Whole Life insurance product from American General Life Insurance Company, aka AIG. We’ll cover the benefit amounts, waiting period, guaranteed issue policy type, riders, and underwriting turnaround time.  For an in-depth understanding of exactly how guaranteed issue policies work, as well as their pros and cons, click here. Quick Summary…
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$2 million dollar life insurance no exam

2 Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy Options – No Exam Needed

You can get a 2 million dollar life insurance policy and skip the medical exam. We’re showcasing two companies that can make an underwriting decision either instantly or within 2 days.  It’s about the fastest high-limit life insurance you can get. That way, you can get your life insurance out of the way and get…
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