accidental death vs life insurance

AD&D vs. Life Insurance – Differences & How to Pick

People often call in asking about choosing between accidental death and dismemberment insurance and life insurance. The significantly lower cost of an AD&D policy vs. life insurance causes confusion, particularly for younger people and new parents, which offers more value for the money.  In this article, we’re going to cover what both policy types pay…
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fastest life insurance

Fastest Life Insurance Options – 3 Types

We rarely have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for anything anymore. Normally, life insurance is one of those rarities. But now, the fastest life insurance can be completed in minutes. These types of life insurance have varying benefits, amounts and requirements. The one thing they all have in common is they do not require…
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Assurity Accidental Death Insurance Plus Review

We’re reviewing Assurity Life Insurance Company’s newest accidental death policy – Accidental Death Insurance Plus.  Here’s the thing we love about this. The application can be completed 100% online and you don’t need to talk to an agent (unless you want to). Sometimes it seems like the barriers to getting things done (like getting your…
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whole life insurance explained

Whole Life Insurance Definitive Guide for 2022

By the end of this article, you will have a strong foundation for a complete understanding of whole life insurance, including:  How it works When it’s useful What is cash value Pros & cons Comparisons to term and other permanent insurance Because it’s a broad topic, and there’s a lot to cover, there are links…
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assurity acci-flex accidental death review

Acci-Flex Accidental Death Review – Assurity

We’re going to cover the Acci-Flex Accidental Death Insurance policy from Assurity Life Insurance Company. In our continuing effort to keep up-to-date accidental death policy reviews, this is slowly being replaced by the new Accidental Death Insurance Plus policy, which will be able to accept applications through Assurity’s website. This policy is still available in…
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indexed universal life insurance versus qualified retirement plans

Indexed Universal Life Insurance vs. Qualified Plans (401k/IRA/403b)

Life insurance isn’t a replacement for more traditional retirement plans, but there are some strategic advantages. Supplementing a 401(k) with cash value life insurance can enhance your retirement savings with tax-free distributions, no stock market risk, and more flexibility. We’ll be comparing specifically indexed universal life policies (the type of insurance typically used for wealth building)…
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Guarantee Trust Life Review – The Heritage Plan

In this article, we’re reviewing the Heritage Plan from family-owned Guarantee Trust Life Insurance. The Heritage Plan has few qualifying restrictions, making approval a breeze. Plus, you won’t need to take a medical exam.  Quick Summary Guarantee Trust Life (GTL) offers this competitive life insurance policy. While the benefits are on the lower end, there…
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pros and cons of indexed universal life insurance

Indexed Universal Life – Pros and Cons

Indexed Universal Life Insurance or IUL is a hotly debated topic in the financial world. Most advisors have a strong bias for or against IUL. If you google IUL, you will find opinions leaning one way or the other. Unfortunately, for the consumer, many of these articles are misleading or just outright false. In order…
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accurate life insurance quotes

How Do Life Insurance Quotes Work?

Life insurance quotes seem straightforward. First, you enter the amount and type of insurance you want, then the software gives you premiums.  There are several other factors involved, like health and the different underwriting guidelines between companies. Companies do not underwrite their policies equally, opening up strategies to save you time and money. Quick Summary All…
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Cryptocurrency 101: Getting Started for Beginners

If you took a small chance back in 2009 and invested $100 in bitcoin, you would have roughly $48,000,000 today.  Hindsight, right? Clients and friends have been talking with me about cryptocurrency for the past few years, and I finally jumped on the bandwagon in early 2021. I knew it would be hard to study…
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