prosperity life insurance company

Prosperity Life Offers 2 New No-Exam Policies – A Review

Rather than your standard insurance choices, the industry is beginning to inch in a direction that offers unique policies to reflect a variety of needs. Prosperity Life Insurance offers two such exceptional life insurance policies. Company Overview Prime Term to 100 Prime Term Riders Underwriting New Vista Riders Underwriting How Abrams Can Help Company Overview…
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dependable retirement income stream

How to Escape the Retirement Tax Trap

Retirement planning poses risks that nobody can anticipate – even if they are diligent about building wealth. Taxes will likely be your biggest expense in retirement. It’s important to build wealth in tax-free options while you are accumulating money. This allows you to take the money out tax-free in retirement. We will explore the tax…
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ultimate guide to single premium life insurance

Single Premium Life Insurance – Everything You Need to Know

Single premium life insurance offers a policy with guaranteed death benefits for a one-time payment. You pay a single lump sum upfront, then never have to worry about it again. Quick Summary Single premium life insurance (SPL) provides living benefits, like funds for long term care, as well as a guaranteed death benefit to your…
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life insurance with cystic fibrosis

Life Insurance for Cystic Fibrosis Patients

Life insurance for cystic fibrosis is possible, although tricky. While the average lifespan with the disease used to be 37.5 years in the United States, doctors expect children born in this millennium to live well into their 50s.  Life insurance companies tend to drag their feet on adjusting their mortality tables to accommodate medical advances…
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Disability Insurance for Self-Employed People (Definitive Guide)

Disability insurance for self-employed people offers protection if someone becomes unable to work. Rather than rely on government programs, you can get benefits that make more sense for your standard of living and get them faster.  The biggest misconception is what people think of as a disability. Since it’s not immediately apparent when someone has…
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largest disability insurance benefits

Exceptionally High-Limit Guaranteed Issue Disability Insurance for Groups

In this article, we’re going to cover the best way to get a high-limit guaranteed issue disability insurance plan set up for a group. That group could be a small business, executives at a large corporation, partners at a firm, or a group of specialty doctors at a clinic.  The handy thing about these plans…
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Choosing an annuity vs. a certificate of deposit

Why Choose an Annuity vs. a CD?

Annuities and certificates of deposit often end up in the list of suggestions for low-risk retirement income streams. The reasons for choosing an annuity vs. a CD vary depending on your financial goals, and in rare cases, a CD might make more sense.  Quick Overview Annuities work similarly to Certificates of Deposit (CDs), but they…
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Indexed Universal Life Insurance Quotes

Indexed universal life insurance quotes are a little different than typical insurance quotes. A typical life insurance quote involves paying the lowest price for the largest amount of insurance. When we use an indexed universal life or IUL policy for maximum tax-free income, we want the least amount of insurance for the premium paid. In…
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Time Focused Asset Allocation Chart

A Modern Approach to Investing

At Abrams Insurance Solutions, we use a Data Driven Tactical Approach to investing. This is not the cookie cutter passive approach where you “buy and hope”. Our team at LifePro Asset Management (LPAM) monitors economic indicators to decide when to invest and when to seek safety. We look for companies that are disruptors in their…
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Retirement Account Options

How to Survive in Retirement Without Running Out of Money

Many retirees are ending up with what we call an income shortfall in retirement. That’s where the amount of assets they have saved up is simply not enough to cover their lifestyle and the expenses they’re going to incur over their lifetime. The Problem: Income Shortfall in Retirement The reason why retirees are experiencing this…
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