largest disability insurance benefits

Exceptionally High-Limit Guaranteed Issue Disability Insurance for Groups

In this article, we’re going to cover the best way to get a high-limit guaranteed issue disability insurance plan set up for a group. That group could be a small business, executives at a large corporation, partners at a firm, or a group of specialty doctors at a clinic.  The handy thing about these plans…
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Choosing an annuity vs. a certificate of deposit

Why Choose an Annuity vs. a CD?

Annuities and certificates of deposit often end up in the list of suggestions for low-risk retirement income streams. The reasons for choosing an annuity vs. a CD vary depending on your financial goals, and in rare cases, a CD might make more sense.  Quick Overview Annuities work similarly to Certificates of Deposit (CDs), but they…
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Indexed Universal Life Insurance Quotes

Indexed universal life insurance quotes are a little different than typical insurance quotes. A typical life insurance quote involves paying the lowest price for the largest amount of insurance. When we use an indexed universal life or IUL policy for maximum tax-free income, we want the least amount of insurance for the premium paid. In…
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Modern investing allocations for $1M

A Modern Approach to Investing

At Abrams Insurance Solutions, we use a Data Driven Tactical Approach to investing. This is not the cookie cutter passive approach where you “buy and hope”. Our team at LifePro Asset Management (LPAM) monitors economic indicators to decide when to invest and when to seek safety. We look for companies that are disruptors in their…
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Retirement Account Options

How to Survive in Retirement Without Running Out of Money

Many retirees are ending up with what we call an income shortfall in retirement. That’s where the amount of assets they have saved up is simply not enough to cover their lifestyle and the expenses they’re going to incur over their lifetime. The Problem: Income Shortfall in Retirement The reason why retirees are experiencing this…
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Indexed Universal Life Insurance Definitive Guide

Indexed Universal Life Insurance: 2022 Definitive Guide

Indexed universal life insurance (IUL) is one of the more innovative wealth-building options available today. First and foremost, it provides a death benefit like all life insurance policies. The difference is that this one also provides a build-up of cash inside the policy. This cash is not exposed to market risk, can be accessed tax-free,…
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leveraging your life insurance

How to Build Wealth with Life Insurance Plus Leverage

Leverage allows you to buy a bigger home. You put down 20%, then leverage the rest with a mortgage. We also use leverage when buying cars. You make the down payment and borrow the remainder to purchase a nicer car. Why not get a bigger retirement by using leverage with life insurance? Leverage leaves you…
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Advantages of an indexed universal life policy

Indexed Universal Life Insurance: 12 Undeniable Advantages

These are a few of the advantages of an indexed universal life policy. The policy is extremely customizable. Contact us and we will guide you to the best policy design for your situation. Life Insurance Market Risk Protection Potential for Double-Digit Gains Tax-Deferred Growth Tax-Free Distributions High Contributions Liquidity, Use, and Control Guaranteed Loan Options…
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complete term life insurance guide

Term Life Insurance – The Complete Definitive Guide

Term life insurance offers coverage for a specific number of years. The time limit allows insurers to offer policies for much less than the price of permanent life insurance. It’s one of the best ways to save money on life insurance. It is increasingly popular with working parents to cover things like mortgages, working years,…
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guaranteed universal life insurance

Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance (Definitive Guide)

Guaranteed universal life insurance balances a term policy’s affordability with the comprehensive coverage of a permanent policy. It’s a blend of features that delivers the best parts of both policies. In this article, we will use the term guaranteed universal life or GUL. Still, there are a few other common names for this type of…
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