How to Find Life Insurance Approval with an Abnormal EKG

Do you have an abnormal EKG or ECG and need life insurance?  We are experts at getting clients approved for life insurance with heart conditions at the lowest available rates.  Read on to learn more about our process to save you money on your insurance or contact us to discuss your situation.

Abnormal EKG and life insurance approval
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There are a variety of factors or reasons for an abnormal EKG, some of which can be indicative of a serious health problem.  The life insurance company will access the state of your health and will assign a rating to your policy.  The rating, such as standard or preferred, will determine how much you pay for your policy.

Our job is to help you get approved for the best health rating possible for your circumstances.  To determine the best life insurance company for you, we will need to learn more about your current medical conditions.

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How Does An EKG Work?

An EKG or ECG is a medical test using a device which examines the electrical activity of the heart. The electrical activity is shown as line tracings on paper and is revealed through a series of spikes and dips which are called waves.

As the heart is essentially a pump, it is broken down into 4 chambers. The upper 2 chambers are called atria while the lower 2 chambers are called ventricles.

The body’s internal electrical system is what causes the muscles of the heart to contract and pump the blood. It is this electrical activity that is measured.

Does an Abnormal EKG Indicate Heart Problems?

An abnormal EKG does not necessarily mean you have heart disease at all and can be the result of a variety of non-life threatening reasons.

On the other hand, an abnormal EKG can be indicative of a more serious health including some form of heart disease.

Some of the reasons for performing an EKG include:

  • Check the heart’s electrical activity.
  • Determine the reason for unexplained chest pain which might be a result of heart attack, inflammation of the heart sac which is known as pericarditis, or angina.
  • Establish the reasons for heart disease which might be revealed through shortness of breath, dizzy spells or fainting
  • Rapid, irregular heartbeats which are called palpitations
  • Hypertrophy which is a thickening of the heart chambers
  • Determine if medications being taken for other health condition are causing detrimental side effects on the heart
  • Establish if pacemakers or other heart related mechanical devices are functioning correctly
  • Check the overall health of the heart

How Does An Abnormal EKG Affect Life Insurance?

Buying life insurance with abnormal EKG
We can help you get affordable life insurance with an abnormal EKG.

How an abnormal EKG will affect your life insurance rating will be very dependent on the cause of the abnormal EKG results.

If the cause of the abnormal EKG has no basis to suggest an underlying health condition, and you have no lifestyle issues that influence your overall health, then you may well be accepted for at least a “Preferred” or a “Standard” rating.

To get an idea of cost, use the Instant Quote calculator on this page to see instant life insurance quotes from the leading insurance companies.  Our Instant Quote will pull rates from the major life insurance companies.  Since rates are set by the insurance company, you will not find a lower rate for the same policy anywhere!

Also, if the cause of the abnormal EKG is something that can be easily corrected such as through medication, or minor procedure, then you might also qualify but for a lower rating.

However, if the abnormal EKG is due to more serious health complications, or a condition which might impact your overall life expectancy, then you can expect that you will receive a higher rating or even possibly be declined for a standard underwritten life insurance policy.

Should you be declined for a standard policy, there are other types of policies which you may well be able to qualify for such as a “Guaranteed Issue” policy which generally does not require any medical questions or health exam.

These policies are more expensive and are available for smaller amounts of coverage, but just might meet your requirements.

Finding Affordable Life Insurance With An Abnormal EKG

However, it doesn’t have to be so much of challenge to find the best life insurance companies, especially if you use the services of an independent agent such as Abrams Insurance Solutions.

We have access to over 70 different insurance companies and know which companies are more liberal in how they access and rate individuals with particular health conditions.

What Information Must I Provide Because of An Abnormal EKG?

To further understand your overall health situation when applying for life insurance with an abnormal EKG, the medical examiners will want to know the following:

  • Do you have any history of cardiovascular disease, diabetes or elevated cholesterol levels
  • What other test were performed such as treadmill, thallium “Stress test”, an Echocardiogram, or other tests and what were the results
  • Obtaining your family history to ascertain any family history of heart disease, stroke, diabetes or cancer
  • Determining if you are currently taking medications and what kind and dosage
  • Any other types of health related issues
  • Whether you have been previously declined, postponed or rated for life insurance

Advantage of Using Abrams Insurance Solutions

The type of rating assessment will depend on many different factors. At Abrams Insurance Solutions we work with a medical director who is familiar with how each company prices a policy if you have an abnormal EKG. When you complete our online questionnaire, our medical director will evaluate your condition.  We will use this information to apply with the insurance company that is likely to approve you at the lowest rate.

There is no charge for this service.  Our goal is to find you the best and lowest cost life insurance policy if you have an abnormal EKG or any other medical condition.

If you are not sure how much coverage you need – please use our easy to use Life Insurance Needs Calculator to help determine the right amount for your family.

Where to Find Low Cost Life Insurance With An Abnormal EKG

Our goal is to help you get approved for life insurance at the lowest possible rates.  We will shop all of the major life insurance companies on your behalf to save you time and money.  Call us at 858-703-6178 with questions.  Contact us today if you have an abnormal EKG and need life insurance.