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Life Insurance Quotes for 42 Year Olds


Compare life insurance rates for 42 year old male or female

We can help you find affordable life insurance for 42 year olds.

It’s relatively easy to find low cost life insurance quotes for 42 year olds because we’ve provided examples for you below or you can use the instant quote calculator on this page.

It doesn’t matter whether you smoke tobacco, use electronic cigarettes or smoke marijuana as we can still show you how to find inexpensive life insurance.

This also applies to those of you who have a pre-existing health condition such as diabetes or other conditions because the first thing you need to know is that not every life insurance company is the same.

Using an Independent Life Insurance Agent Is The Best Approach

There are many sites that tout their products but are you really getting the best buy for investment?

Probably not!

Companies that advertise their products obviously have a vested interest in these particular products but they may not be the best ones for you.

Every family has their own particular needs and not every situation is the same.

Independent life insurance agents such as the ones you will find here at Abrams Insurance Solutions know which companies are more lenient than other companies for every possible health condition.  More lenient means a lower premium for you.

Each life insurance company has its own rating qualifications and they can vary quite significantly.

Also, you need to be certain that the company you select to buy your policy must be financially sound. We only use companies which are financially stable and have received a high rating from such distinguished rating agencies like A.M. Best, and Standard and Poor’s.

Independent agents have access to numerous companies so they perform the comparison shopping for you.

They can also discuss your particular situation and provide you with valuable advice and provide options so you don’t rush into making this important decision.

Term Life Insurance Quotes for 42 year Olds

Since term life insurance is the most popular form of life insurance these days, we put together a set of sample quotes for both a 42 year old male and female.

We’ve provided a variety of death benefits and terms to give you a wide array of choices so you can see how inexpensive term insurance costs.

Term life Insurance42 Year Old Male rated as “Preferred –Non Tobacco” health class which means only minor health issues.

Monthly Rates for Term Life Insurance – Male

$100,000 $250,000 $500,000 $1,000,000
10 Year Term $10.68 $17.25 $28.71 $48.60
20 year Term $15.58 $26.82 $47.10 $86.80
30 Year Term $24.76 $44.41 $80.95 $149.20


Term Life Insurance42 Year Old Female rated as “Preferred-Non Tobacco” health class rating which means minor health issues

Monthly Rates for Term Life Insurance – Female

$100,000 $250,000 $500,000 $1,000,000
10 Year Term $10.24 $15.50 $25.11 $41.31
20 year Term $13.04 $22.68 $38.70 $70.30
30 Year Term $19.16 $34.56 $61.70 $113.90
life insurance for 42 year olds

Check out our low cost life insurance for 42 year olds with our Instant Life Insurance Quotes

(Life Insurance Calculator) – To compare rates from the nation’s leading life insurance companies for your exact age – please use the Instant Life Insurance Quote calculator on this page.

If you want to get an idea of how much life insurance you need, please use our life insurance needs calculator  which will help you determine the right amount for your unique situation.

No Exam Life Insurance for 42 Year Olds

Many life insurance companies are now offering No Exam Life Insurance.  You will pay a few dollars more for your policy, but you can skip the exam and have a policy much sooner – in a couple days or as little as 15 minutes.  If you don’t like needles, want convenience, or are in a hurry – then a no exam life insurance policy might be right for you.

 Permanent Life Insurance for 42 Year Olds

Although term is the most affordable life insurance it might not be the right fit for your life insurance needs. So, you should be aware that you can also avail yourself to a “Permanent Life Insurance” policy such as Universal Life, Indexed Universal Life, or Whole Life.

These policies not only provide you with death benefits but also come with a cash value accumulation feature which builds up over the life of the policy.

Permanent life insurance could also be used to safeguard your savings from taxes and from the uncertainties of the market. Plus, you can use these types of policies to supplement or enhance your 401(k).

 Find More Life Insurance Quotes for 42 Year Olds

If you are a 42 year old male or female and looking for low cost life insurance then you should consider the independent agents at Abrams Life Insurance Solutions. It does not matter if you are healthy or have a serious medical condition; we have access to numerous life insurance companies so we can find the best fit for your needs at a very affordable cost. Call 858-703-6178 or email us with the Ask a Question tab to ask questions and get advice for your particular situation.  To compare life insurance rates for a 42 year old – use the instant life insurance quote calculator on this page.




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