Prosperity Life Offers 2 New No-Exam Policies – A Review

Rather than your standard insurance choices, the industry is beginning to inch in a direction that offers unique policies to reflect a variety of needs. Prosperity Life Insurance offers two such exceptional life insurance policies.

  1. Company Overview
  2. Prime Term to 100
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    2. Underwriting
  3. New Vista
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  4. How Abrams Can Help

Company Overview

Prosperity life insurance company standing

Prosperity Life Insurance is a group of life insurance companies including SBLI, S.USA, and Shenandoah Life Insurance Company. You might recognize SBLI if you’ve looked at other reviews on our site. It consistently ranks as one of the lowest-premium insurance companies in the market. 

AM Best rates Prosperity Life at an A+ for financial stability. 

Prosperity offers 2 types of life insurance: Prime Term to 100 and New Vista. New Vista is a final expense policy. We will review both options below.

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Prime Term to 100

The technical term for this type of policy is a “simplified issue graded death benefit term policy.”

This means:

  • It’s a short, easy, and fast application
  • You have to survive a few years before full benefits
  • It lasts for a set number of years before expiring

With that out of the way, this policy does some things differently than normal term insurance.

Usually, you would pick a benefit amount, pay your premiums for the 20-year term, and then the policy would expire if you live beyond the term. Instead, this policy focuses on covering seniors. You can’t even apply for the policy until you’re 40-years-old.

Rather than expire, the benefits of the policy begin decreasing over time. After 20 years, the benefits reduce by 5% per year until it runs out. For example, if someone 60-years-old gets one of these policies, they have full coverage until age 80. Then the benefit slowly decreases until it runs out at age 100.

On the front end, it’s a graded benefit policy. You have to survive three years before your beneficiaries will receive the full benefit amount. But it’s not an all or nothing thing. If the insured passes away within the first three years, their beneficiary will still receive a percentage of the benefits.

Prime Term to 100 graded benefit schedule

If the insured person passes away due to an accident, say a car wreck, the company ignores the grading and pays the full benefit amount.

Quick Info:

  • Application ages: 40 – 80
  • Benefit amounts: $5,000 – $30,000

Now, while this is technically a term policy, it also builds a cash value. This isn’t a cash value policy that’s going to build tons of money to retire on. But it does create an excellent emergency fund, should you find yourself with a sudden expense.

Prosperity designed the policy to be as affordable as possible, so the cash value is minuscule. Typically, the more premiums you pay, the faster the cash value grows. In this case, it’s more of an emergency fund if your regular emergency fund is tapped out.

The loan rates for the cash value, should you need it, are 7.4% (advance) and 8.0% (arrears).

Next up, the riders

Prime Term to 100 comes with an accelerated death benefit rider in every state where it’s available, except California. This allows you to access up to 50% of your death benefit while still alive if you develop a terminal illness. Every insurance company defines terminal illness differently. In this case, terminal illness means a 12 to 24-month life expectancy. There is a $150 admin fee if you use this rider.

The one rider you can choose to add (it costs extra) is the accidental death benefit rider. It doubles your full face amount if you pass away as the result of an accident. The rider cost varies, depending on your chosen face amount and general underwriting factors. It expires at age 75.


No medical exam! That’s why it’s called simplified issue. It makes the application process fast and easy.

prosperity life underwriting process

The application has exactly three medical questions. Your acceptance depends on those answers, your prescription record, and any records with the Medical Information Bureau. That’s an encrypted database where insurance companies let each other know who has been declined for life insurance before.

Here are the three yes/no qualification questions:

  1. Within the past two (2) years, have you been confined to or been advised by a licensed medical professional to be admitted to a nursing home, hospice, extended care, special treatment facility, required the use of oxygen equipment to assist in breathing, or do you need ongoing personal assistance performing your Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring (walking) and continence?
  2. Within the past two (2) years, have you been diagnosed by a member of the medical profession with any cancer (excluding Basal or Squamous cell skin cancer), heart attack (myocardial infarction), heart surgery cardiomyopathy, congestive heart failure, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, or have undergone major organ transplant surgery?
  3. Have you been advised by a licensed medical professional that your life expectancy is less than 24 months?

Here’s the best part. There are zero restrictions based on height and weight.

Sample Rates for Term to 100

Below you will find sample rates for the Prosperity Term to 100 policy. The good news is they don’t charge an annual policy fee. Rates will vary based on your benefit choice and whether you decide to pay the premiums annually, quarterly, or monthly.

Age 40$199.20$398.40$597.60$1,195.20
Age 50$241.25$482.80$724.20$1,448.40
Age 60$351.45$702.90$1,054.35$2,108.70
Age 70$562.25$1,124.50$1,686.75$3,373.50
Age 40$178.25$356.50$534.75$1,069.50
Age 50$204.45$408.90$613.35$1,226.70
Age 60$279.10$558.20$837.30$1,674.60
Age 70$465.90$931.80$1,397.70$2,795.40

New Vista

New Vista is technically a final expense policy – if you had to put it in a category. But its unique features make it stand out from most other final expense policies on the market.

Quick note: final expense policies are small (typically whole life) policies for covering funeral costs.

There are three benefit structures within the New Vista policy. What you qualify for will depend on how you answer the health questions. (Remember, if you lie on an application, then your beneficiaries might be denied the claim.) 

The benefits structures are as follows:

  • Level – full death benefit starting day one
  • Graded – limited for the first two years
    • 1st year – 30% of face amount
    • 2nd year – 70% of face amount
    • Accidental death pays the full face amount regardless of how long you’ve held the policy
  • Modified – limited for the first two years
    • 1st year – 110% of the annual premium returned
    • 2nd year – 231% of the annual premium returned
    • Full death benefits for accidental death from day 1

As a final expense policy, the benefit amounts are relatively small. You can get anywhere from $1,500 to $35,000 in coverage. The issue ages range from 50 to 80. The policy lasts until you reach 121. 

To see rates for the New Vista final expense policy, use the Final Expense Quote Form on this page.

New Vista Riders

They offer one optional rider, the accidental death benefit. It pays double if you pass away as the result of an accident. It’s worth noting that this rider expires at age 75. 

Prosperity Life includes an accelerated death benefit with the policy, regardless of the type. This allows you to get an advance (25-50% of face amount) of your death benefit if diagnosed with a terminal illness. 

Underwriting for New Vista

Prosperity determines your premiums based on your biological sex, issue age, and smoking status “based on cigarettes only.” They structure their premiums so that you pay the least if you choose annual premiums and progressively more for semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly payments. 

This is best for people looking for a final expense policy with few medical restrictions. Even the height and weight limits are higher than other insurance companies


Prosperity Life has released some unique products into the life insurance market, with Prime Term giving extra coverage at lower rates. New Vista offers a final expense policy that’s more accessible than normal. 

The best part is that both of these policies are available to people who have been diagnosed with cancer or HIV more than two years before they apply. 

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