Affordable Life Insurance with Hepatitis

life insurance approval with hepatitis

Let us comparison shop the leading life insurance companies for you if you have hepatitis.

You can find affordable life insurance with hepatitis.

We will outline the health risks associated with hepatitis and how insurers will rate you with this medical condition.  To find the lowest life insurance rates with hepatitis – call 858-703-6178 or email us.

Finally, we will explain what medical information an insurer will require before they will approve you for a policy.

The good news is that there are different types of hepatitis and in a number of situations it can be a very treatable medical condition.

What Is Hepatitis?

Hepatitis is a medical condition caused by a virus that can cause damage to your liver. There are 5 common types of hepatitis known as:

Hepatitis A
• Hepatitis B
• Hepatitis C
• Hepatitis D
• Hepatitis E
• Hepatitis G

Hepatitis A, B and C are the most prevalent forms of hepatitis.

Hepatitis A is an acute illness caused from drinking contaminated water or contaminated food, and through sexual activity. Most people with hepatitis A will make a full recovery, and it does not generally result in a chronic or acute disease.

Hepatitis B is generally acquired through blood transfusion, sexual activity, non-sterilized needles, passed on to child genetically, or by being bitten by someone with the virus. This is a more serious form of hepatitis and cause the liver to swell or even develop into liver cancer. It can become a long-term chronic condition.

Hepatitis C which includes sub-group G variant is generally caused by direct contact with blood of a contaminated person either via transfusion or other bodily fluids. It can also become a chronic condition and can be exacerbated by cirrhosis of the liver.

Both hepatitis B and viral C are carried in the blood and can become a chronic infection.

Not all forms of hepatitis are infectious and some forms of the virus will clear up on their own, or lead to scarring of the liver.

Some people may have hepatitis and be asymptomatic which means there are no apparent symptoms that they have the disease.

Acute hepatitis can last 6 months or less while chronic hepatitis can last much longer.

Initial Symptoms of Hepatitis
The initial physical symptoms often mimic what you experience when coming down with the flu and can include:
• Diarrhea
• Fatigue
• Loss of Appetite
• Mild Fever
• Muscle or joint pain
• Nausea
• Minor abdominal pain
• Weight loss
• Vomiting

As the disease progresses more sever symptoms may appear such as:
• Problems with circulatory system
• Dark urine
• Drowsiness and/or dizziness
• An enlarged spleen
• Hives and/or headaches
• Itchy skin
• Light colored feces or evidence of pus
• Jaundice which can cause yellowish skin, eyes or tongue

Generally, there is no treatment for hepatitis A and the doctor will likely advise to avoid alcohol and drugs as you will likely recover spontaneously on your own.

Those with chronic hepatitis B will require a specific diet and may be treated with Interferon or other medications such as Heparin which is an antiviral agent.

Hepatitis C is treated with standard HCV treatment possibly supplemented with vitamin B12 supplements.
Both Hepatitis B and C require physician supervision and the decision to treat or not treat will depend on results of liver biopsy or ultra sound and/or lab tests to include viral which are DNA levels and liver tests, and liver disease indicators.

How Hepatitis Affects Your Life Insurance Rating

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How you are rated by an insurer if you have hepatitis will vary according to the type of hepatitis and the degree to which the disease has impacted you. Other factors that are taken into account include your age and alcohol consumption and whether your condition is acute or chronic.

If you have just been recently diagnosed with hepatitis, you may be asked to postpone your assessment until your condition has been treated and or stabilized.

People who have been diagnosed with hepatitis A and have made a full recovery will get the same rating as any other unapproved individual.

Those who have other forms of hepatitis will be rated higher or may be declined altogether depending on the degree and severity of the condition

Information Required By Insurers to Rate Hepatitis

The following information may be required by your insurer when being rated with hepatitis and includes:

• Date you were diagnosed and possible cause of exposure
• Type of hepatitis and whether it is a chronic active condition or if you are a carrier which means lab tests are positive for the virus but it is currently inactive
• Date and results of most recent liver enzyme test and blood infection tests
• Medications prescribed to treat the condition
• Questions about alcohol consumption
• Results of liver tests such as liver ultrasound, CT scan or liver biopsy
• Whether you have been diagnosed with active liver disease such as cirrhosis, or cellular cancer
• If you have been treated; do the lab tests indicate remission or not
• Any other relevant medical conditions

Finding Affordable Life Insurance With Hepatitis

You can find affordable life insurance approval with hepatitis especially if go through an independent insurance agent who can perform the comparison shopping for you.

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