How to Find Affordable Life Insurance with a Pacemaker

It’s not difficult to get life insurance with a Pacemaker. Surprisingly, it can even be very affordable. So there is no reason to put it off out of worry about a hassle.

affordable life insurance with a pacemaker

A pacemaker will not prevent you from being accepted for a life insurance policy. By using an independent agent to shop the market for you, you will get the best rates for the coverage you choose.

We wrote this article to help people understand how life insurers asses the risk of people who have received a pacemaker. What information does the underwriter require to rate your policy? How do companies insure people with these life saving devices? What information will they need to put the policy in place?

We detail what factors affect someone applying for life insurance with a pacemaker or call 858-703-6178 to speak with one of our experts about life insurance with pre-existing conditions.  Talk to a knowledgeable independent agent about coverage for people with pacemakers today.

What is a Pacemaker?

affordable life insurance with a pacemaker
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A pacemaker is a device which is implanted under the skin, close to the heart. The process is medically referred to as cardiac resynchronization therapy. In layman’s terms, it regulates a patient’s abnormal heartbeat.

These devices, sometimes referred to as CRT devices, are roughly the size of a half-dollar coin. Surgeons implant pacemakers to resolve an irregular heartbeat delay known as an arrhythmia in addition to other forms of irregular heartbeat conditions.

A variety of medical conditions can cause an irregular heartbeat, excessively fast or slow heart rates. Elderly people tend to suffer more from these conditions, but they can occur at any age.

Doctors recommend pacemakers for a variety of reasons. Some of the more common reasons are due to the following conditions:

  • The heart is beating too slowly (bradycardia)
  • Irregular heartbeat caused by a heart attack
  • A quivering of the atria (atrial fibrillation)
  • Genetic abnormalities
  • Various medications
Affordable Life Insurance with a Pacemaker

A pacemaker helps the heart function and maintain a heart rate of between 60 – 90 heartbeats per minute, which is the efficient rate in a resting adult. If the heart is working at a level which is lower or higher than the optimum amount needed by the heart, the body does not receive enough blood to function properly.

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Some symptoms of an irregular heartbeat include the following:

  • Fatigue
  • Fainting
  • Shortness of breath
  • Mental confusion

Normal heartbeats begin in the right atrium in the sinus node. This is the cluster of cells that provides the electrical impulse that stimulates the pumping of the heart. Therefore this is the natural source of your own body’s pacemaker.

This electrical stimulus contracts and squeezes the blood in the ventricles of the heart and pumps the blood to the rest of your body.

How a Pacemaker Works

A Pacemaker Will Perform 3 Essential Functions Which Include

  • Acting as a pulse generator which means that the device consists of a battery where the electrical circuitry regulates the rate of electrical pulses sent to the heart.
  • Using electrodes which are attached to the chamber(s) of the heart and delivers the electrical pulse which regulates the heart rate at the optimum rate. It also monitors and records the heart’s electrical activities
  • Monitoring your temperature and breathing. They can even adjust your heart rate according to your physical activity.

The device may not work constantly in every patient. It only activates when the heart rate falls below or rises above the optimum rate.

A physician might install a permanent pacemaker for some people. Whereas others only need one temporarily due to an overdose of medications, for a short period after a heart attack or following heart surgery.

3 possible types of pacemakers which might be surgically implanted include the following:

  • Single Chamber Pacemakers
  • Dual-Chamber Pacemakers
  • Bi-ventricular Pacemakers

Each performs specific functions on the various chambers of the heart. Therefore the device a doctor recommends depends on your medical condition.

Life Insurance Rating Factors with a Pacemaker

affordable life insurance with a pacemaker
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Since there are a variety of reasons why you received a pacemaker, your rating will vary accordingly based on the severity of your medical condition.

For those who have a less severe non-threatening health condition, underwriters may offer approval at a better rating.

Underwriters appraise the overall health condition of each person individually. Although many traditional insurance companies decline certain medical conditions altogether.

If this applies to you, discuss your medical condition with an independent life insurance agent so you can find an alternative means of coverage.

Rating Information Required By Life Insurers with a Pacemaker

The information required by an insurer to evaluate your condition will include the following:

  • When the pacemaker was installed and the associated symptoms (such as arrhythmia)
  • The reason the pacemaker was implanted such as a heart blockage associated with coronary artery disease, a complete heart block, chronic atrial fibrillation, or other causes
  • Regular pacemaker function reports from your physician
  • Whether have any other form of heart disease
  • If you incurred other complications such as infection or blood clots, pacemaker malfunction, or skin perforation
  • Any ongoing symptoms since the pacemaker was implanted
  • Medications prescribed
  • Any other relevant medical conditions, such as stroke

Finding Low-Cost Life Insurance with a Pacemaker

affordable life insurance with a pacemaker

You can find affordable life insurance with a pacemaker by using an independent insurance agent such as Abrams Insurance Solutions.

We have access to over 70 insurance companies and we know which ones are the best life insurance companies. We know which are more lenient when it comes to issuing a policy for someone with a pacemaker and other health-related conditions.

Why You Should Use Abrams Insurance Solutions

We work with an underwriting consultant who is familiar with how each life insurance company prices a policy. After learning the specifics of your condition, we will use the knowledge of our consultant to apply with the insurance company that is most likely to approve your case with the lowest possible rate. This research is kept completely confidential.

Has a company turned you down before? Don’t worry. Chances are we can still find you something. Insurance companies change their underwriting decisions about medical conditions all the time. Let us do the work for you and find a company that will accept you or a loved one today! For no-obligation sample rates either use the Instant Quote Box on this page or call us at the number below.

There is no charge for this service. And it’s completely private. Our goal is to find you the best and most affordable life insurance policy if you have a pacemaker or any other medical condition such a past stroke or heart attack.

If you either have questions or need advice for finding life insurance with a pacemaker, please call us at 858-703-6178 today. We are here to help.