6 Advantages of Using an Independent Life Insurance Agent

What makes an independent life insurance agent different than a company agent? Easy. One matches their products to their clients. The other needs to match their customers to the select products they have available. So which one offers you the better deal?

Always ask yourself this one very important question before you choose a life insurance policy:

“Am I getting the best life insurance policy at the best value?”

If you didn’t shop around then you probably aren’t!

A rash decision to buy life insurance could easily end up costing you hundreds of dollars extra. Or ends up being a life insurance product that doesn’t properly meet your needs.

This is why you should always take a little extra time to use the services of an independent life insurance agent.

Why? Well, that’s a valid question and I am going to give you plenty of reasons why there are many advantages in using an independent life insurance agent.

1. An Independent Life Insurance Agent Gives You a Competitive Advantage

Most people don’t realize that there are two different types of life insurance agents. There are company or “captive agents” and there are independent

6 advantages using an independent life insurance agent

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agents like our team at Abrams Insurance.

A company agent only represents one life insurance company. He or she can only offer the products sold by their company at the rates they company has established because that’s how their employment contract works. They can’t give you customized products and they can’t offer you a better rate.

An independent agent is not restricted to any one company’s products. He or she has access to dozens of life insurance options. A good one will do the comparison shopping for you so you get potential policies that reflect your situation. That way you get the best products to suit your particular needs and at the best rates.

2. Independent Life Insurance Agent Can Save You Hundreds of Dollars Every Year

An independent agent will always find you the most competitive rate on life insurance.

Keep in mind that not all life insurance companies are the same. Some companies are more cautious in how they rate people and others are more lenient. Even the more lenient companies vary in how they rate people based on age and medical history.

Independent agents use their vast industry knowledge to save you hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars every year. Because life insurance is a long term investment, it’s worth the extra time to delegate the work of finding the best policy for you to someone who knows the ins and outs.

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3. An Independent Life Insurance Agent Can Help People With Health Issues

Millions of Americans have or will develop health issues. This can include obesity, heart conditions, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, high cholesterol levels and much more.

Many insurance companies are overly-cautious about who they’ll accept. With certain companies you have to be the textbook definition of healthy to get a policy at a reasonable rate.

Because the independent agent knows which companies are conservative, they can steer you to the best company for your particular health issue. The independent agent can also find you the best premium rates for your health condition.

4. An independent Life Insurance Agent Can Provide You With Customized Products

Everyone has different life insurance needs and these needs can vary considerably. For example, many entrepreneurs and small business people need loans to run their business.

Most lenders require a life insurance policy in order to secure a business loan since it leaves them at risk. Lenders will often try to bundle in a policy that meet the bank’s requirements, but it might not be the best policy for you.

An independent life insurance agent can take of that for you.

Additionally, an independent agent will find the right product that suits your individual concerns. For example, they can tell you all about different life insurance riders that provide added protection to your coverage. Popular riders are return of premium, disability income rider, critical illness rider.

If you have more complex life insurance needs such as for a permanent life insurance policy, an independent agent can discuss your financial and life insurance investment needs to sort through the many hybrid policies available to find the product that suits you best.

Is your life insurance situation complex? Do you have questions about riders? Call us today at 858-703-6178!

5. An Independent Life Insurance Agent Provides Valuable Guidance

independent life insurance agents advanatages

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The insurance industry can be complicated, overwhelming and frustrating to navigate. Talking to an independent life insurance agent means you have years of expertise at your side so you don’t have to navigate it alone.

We are not only here to advise you about what type of coverage you might need. We’ve helped thousands calculate how much life insurance coverage they need now and in the future.

Additionally, We can provide you with a variety of sample quotes for a variety of situations and products. (Fill out the instant quote form on this page to see some samples tailored to you.) If you have health issues or need life insurance for a particular reason, then we can steer you to the right product and explain how it works.

And, most importantly, our advice will always be unbiased because we work for you – not the insurance company.

6. An Independent Life Insurance Agent Provides Personalized Service

An independent life insurance agent always provides personalized service. Every person is in a unique situation. We will walk you through the entire life insurance process while explaining what the policy will and will not cover. Consequently, you will understand all the benefits of any product you choose to buy and how the medical examination works. You will have a personal guide through every step along the way, even after your coverage is in place.

Furthermore, we will explain how to select your beneficiaries. If you have concerns regarding you coverage, we can refine the search or suggest additional products that cover your worries. And, if your beneficiaries do have to make a claim, we’re there to help in their time of need.

Where Can You Find An Independent Agent Today?

Regardless of your life insurance policy needs, you can always talk to the knowledgeable and helpful independent agents such as you can find here at Abrams Insurance Solutions.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in excellent health, have a serious health condition or need customized life insurance products because at Abrams Insurance Solutions our independent life insurance agents have access to over 70 life insurance companies.

If you have questions or need some advice then call us at 858-703-6178 and we will start shopping the market for you today!