Life Insurance and Medical Marijuana

Many individuals come to us to get their life insurance because they use medical marijuana to treat a variety of medical conditions.

Regardless of the reason you use marijuana, you can still find life insurance approval.  It’s much easier than most people think.  The key is to use a marijuana-friendly life insurance company.  Luckily, you have found the right life insurance agency as we are experts in getting people approved for life insurance who use medical marijuana.  We don’t just get you approved, but get you approved at the lowest rates available.

TIP:  If you use marijuana to treat minor health issues and don’t have any major health issues, use the “INSTANT QUOTES” life insurance calculator on this page to get an idea of life insurance cost.  Select “no” for smoker and look at Prudential or MetLife rates. Contact us with any questions.

Life insurers vary in their approach on medical marijuana use. Some companies are still very conservative. They will automatically decline an application if you use cannabis.

However, as marijuana is being legalized in many states for both medical and recreational use. There are many life insurers that will approve a policy for those who use marijuana.

Some insurance companies will even offer their best nonsmoker rate class if you use marijuana. The key is to apply with the right life insurance company. Yes, we know which companies will offer the best rate for marijuana users.   😀 

Finding life insurance approval for medical marijuana will be treated somewhat differently than a recreational user.

The reason is because medical marijuana is being used to treat a medical condition. It’s not the marijuana use itself which can be a barrier to finding coverage; it’s the medical condition that is the bigger concern.

Should you be declined for a standard life insurance policy, there are other options where you can still get the coverage that you need.

We will address how underwriters view the use of medical marijuana. We will explain how they will underwrite your medical condition.

How Prevalent Is Medical Marijuana in the U.S.?

You might be surprised to know that there are currently 24 states and the District of Columbia which have legalized the use of medical marijuana. It’s likely that in the near future even more states will be added to this list.

What Medical Conditions Are Being Treated With Medical Marijuana?

There are a variety of medical reasons where medicinal marijuana has been used to help patients cope with a physical ailment or condition.

Medical cannabis is not always prescribed in the form of the bud or leaf. This is a part of the plant which people smoke.

Alternative cannabis prescription methods include the following:

• Tinctures
• Edibles
• Capsules or lozenges
• Vaporizing
• Dermal patches
• Oral Sprays

Why the cannabis has been prescribed is more important than the method it is taken. It will affect how you are rated by  insurers.

If you are smoking the cannabis or consuming it by any other method, most insurers will give you smoker’s rates.

If are an infrequent user, you may qualify for “non-smoking rates”. This depends on whether your medical condition is not too severe or debilitating.

Some of the most common medical conditions treated by medical cannabis include:

• Nausea relief for cancer and AIDS patients
• Nerve pain relief for those with diabetes, AIDS, spinal cord and other injuries and conditions
• Chronic pain relief for headache sufferers, back injuries and arthritis
• Improving tics in Tourette’s syndrome
• Improving sleep
• Reducing seizures for those with epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet Syndrome
• Controlling spasms and stiffness for those with Multiple Sclerosis
• Reducing tremors for those with Parkinson’s disease
• Providing relief for Crohn’s disease
• Anxiety disorder relief
• Ease symptoms of PTSD
• Weight loss
• Slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease
• Reduce pain for those suffering from Lupus

Medical studies are limited and sometimes contradictory about the effect of medical marijuana. That’s not the issue. There are many patients who find relief and benefit when using this substance. Cannabis use as a prescription continues to grow.

Will I Be Reported for Using Medical Marijuana By An Insurer?

The answer to this, whether it be for recreational or medical use, is no.

All information you provide at every stage of your life insurance application is completely confidential!

Any information which you submit to your life insurance agent, medical practitioner, or life insurance company is fully protected under Federal law.

The information you provide on your life insurance application process is protected. The law which protects you is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 1996. They are also known as the HIPPA laws.

Your use of medical marijuana cannot be disclosed to any outside party. This includes law enforcement agencies, your employer or even members of your immediate family.

If you have concerns about your privacy or the confidentiality then you can talk to any of our agents at Abrams Insurance Solutions at 858-703-6178.  We work for you and not the insurance companies and will be on your team to help you get approved for life insurance.

What If I Lie About Using Medical Marijuana?

Under no circumstance must you ever lie about using marijuana when applying for life insurance.

You are most certainly to be declined by every insurer if you lie about using marijuana.

Any standard life insurance policy that you are applying for, such as Term life insurance or Permanent insurance, requires that you take a medical exam.

Almost all life insurance medical exams will require a blood and urine sample.

The presence of cannabis is retained in the body from between 3 – 14 days. The substance may be detectable in the urine for as long as month – depending on the extent of use.

What happens if you did manage to fool the life insurer and got approved? Your policy could be declined if the company later found out that you lied.

Most life insurance policies have a 2 year contestability period. This period allows the life insurer to perform a detailed investigation if you were to die within that period.

Also, if the company discovers that you lied and decline your application, they will report this to the MIB (Medical Information Bureau). The MIB is used and available to all life insurers.

If one company discovers that you lied on your application then all others will be aware as well.

Bottom Line: Never lie on a life insurance application about using cannabis. There is no need to lie as you can still get the best nonsmoker rates, even if you use medical marijuana.

How Life Insurers Rate Medical Marijuana

The first thing that you need to know is that not all life insurers are the same. Some life insurers are much more lenient than other insurers.

Some insurers will automatically decline your application for any form of marijuana use.  Many clients have come to us to help get them approved after they were declined by other insurers.

Cannabis is being approved for both medical use and legalized for recreational uses in a growing number of states. More life insurers are re-evaluating how they underwrite those who use marijuana.  Guidelines are constantly changing.

If you have a medical marijuana card, a handful of insurance companies will offer you the best rate class.  This is great because you can pay the lowest possible premium on your life policy if it’s treating a minor issue.


Frequency of use and whether or not you have a mj card are keys in determining your health rating and ultimately the premium you pay for your life insurance.

The other major concern is the medical condition for which you are receiving treatment.

Not all medical conditions are treated the same.

Using medical cannabis to use as a sleep aid or treat anxiety is not going to be rated the same as other more severe medical conditions. This includes conditions which could reduce your life expectancy such as cancer.

The underwriter is going to focus on the nature, stage and degree of impairment of the disease or medical condition itself.

Many people believe for example that cancer will result in an automatic decline.

This is not true. Many cancers these days are treatable and curable. Basal skin cancer is very insurable.  Melanoma cancer requires you be cancer free before you will be approved.

Don’t assume you will automatically be declined because of your medical condition.

All medical conditions vary in how they rated by underwriters. Again, some companies are more liberal than others when it comes to underwriting certain medical conditions.

If you have a severe health condition and declined by every insurer for a standard life insurance policy; there are other life insurance options. We will cover these options next.

The main underwriting issues that an underwriter will want to know include:

how does medical marijuana affect life insurance

Contact us if you use medical marijuana and need life insurance. We will save you time and money on your insurance.

• Is cannabis for recreational or medically prescribed
• Frequency of use
• Do you have a mj card
• Other drug or alcohol concerns
• Medical condition you receiving treatment
• Date of diagnosis
• Degree of impairment of medical condition
• Methods of treatment
• Prognosis of medical condition

Each medical condition is unique and will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Before you apply for any life insurance policy, your best bet is to speak with a knowledgeable independent life insurance agent at Abrams Insurance Solutions. We know how insurers rate both recreational and medical marijuana use.  And we especially know how they rate medical conditions. Call us first at 858-703-6178.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance for Medicinal Marijuana Users

If your medical condition is severe enough that you will be declined for a standard life insurance policy, there is another option. You can alternatively apply and receive approval for a “no-exam” life insurance policy.

Coverage amount maximums are usually less, but you can combine policies to meet your needs.  If you are looking for a minimal amount of coverage to cover final expenses, there are guaranteed options available.  These policies do not have any underwriting and don’t ask about marijuana use.

There are plenty of life insurance companies which now offer No Exam Life Insurance.

These policies cost a bit more. But, you could be approved as quickly as 15 minutes. We have access to one no exam company that does not ask about marijuana use. You can apply online and be approved for your life insurance in 15 minutes.

Why Medical Marijuana Users Need Abrams Insurance Solutions

At Abrams Insurance Solutions, we have worked with 1,000’s of people across the U.S. to get them approved for life insurance. We also have an underwriting advisor on our team.  They are familiar with how each life insurance company prices a policy for medical marijuana users. They will also advise on which insurance company will be the best to use for your particular situation.

After evaluating your condition, we will use the knowledge of our advisor to apply with the insurance company that is most likely to approve you with the lowest rate on your policy.

There is no charge for this service and our goal is to find you the best and lowest cost life insurance policy.

If you have any questions, concerns or need advice while shopping for life insurance, give us a call at 858-703-6178.  We work for you and not the insurance companies.  Our goal is to get you approved for the best and least expensive life insurance policy if you use medical marijuana.