Life Insurance for Smoker

Cheap life insurance for smokersWe know it can be difficult for tobacco users to get affordable life insurance rates.  But it is a reality that 21.1% of women and 24.8% of men smoke.  So what can a smoker do to make sure they get the lowest life insurance rate possible?  We’ve answered some common questions for you here.

Why are life insurance prices higher for smokers?

When you smoke, even if you’re otherwise healthy (i.e. normal blood pressure and weight), you are at higher risk for many more life-threatening diseases and disorders than non-smokers. So, insurance companies charge more for assuming a higher risk. But, don’t cancel your gym membership yet. Even if you smoke, you will get better rates the healthier you are.

Does cigar smoking count?

Cigar smokers MAY NOT have to pay smoker rates.  It is going to depend on your frequency of smoking cigars and if you test positive for nicotine.  If you smoke a cigar a couple times a year at a wedding or once a month on a golf course – you can still get nonsmoker rates!  Contact us as we know how each of our 70 + A rated insurance companies treat cigar smokers.

What if I only smoke cigarettes occasionally?

Social smokers can get nonsmoker rates, but you must use the right life insurance company.  You must test negative for nicotine and only smoke 1 or 2 cigarettes a month.  If you meet these guidelines, it is possible to get nonsmoker rates and save yourself a lot of money, but only if you apply with a certain life insurance company.

How do life insurers view e-cigarettes?

Even though they are perceived as “healthier”, life insurers still consider e-cigarettes as a form of smoking and your rates will depend on the frequency of use and whether you test positive for nicotine.  For more information, please view our post on life insurance and e-cigarette use.

Is chewing tobacco treated the same as smoking?

No – smokeless tobacco users can get nonsmoker rates!  If you chew tobacco, dip, use a nicotine patch or chew nicorette gum – you do not have to pay smoker rates.   Contact us with your details to get the lowest life insurance rates.

How do insurance companies treat marijuana use?

This is going to vary by insurance company like any other tobacco use.  If you smoke marijuana occasionally, admit it on your application and do not test positive for nicotine – you can still get nonsmoker rates.  You will not get into trouble for admitting marijuana use on your application due to HIPAA privacy laws.  If you are a heavy user of marijuana and need life insurance, then we can help you secure the lowest rates by using a company with more lenient guidelines.  Your frequency of use will dictate which company we use and by working with us, you will save money on your life insurance.

Could I just say I don’t smoke?

For any insurance policy that requires a health physical, your urine will be tested for nicotine and other substances, so you do need to be honest about your use.  Lying on an insurance application can be fraud, so it is important to work with a knowledgeable life insurance broker who can guide you to the best and least expensive life insurance policy for your particular circumstances.

No Exam Life Insurance for Smokers

If you are worried about getting life insurance there many life insurers that offer No Exam Life Insurance. It will cost a bit more to buy a policy, but you don’t have to bother with a medical exam and can get coverage that much sooner such as in a few days or as quick as 15 minutes. For those who hate needles and want a policy right now a no exam life insurance policy could be the perfect choice.

Aren’t all life insurance agents the same?

This is where an independent agent can help. We work with multiple companies, so we know which ones take other Life Insurance for tobacco userfactors (i.e. overall health) into consideration, and which companies differentiate between frequent and occasional tobacco use, so you get the best rates available.  If you quit smoking 2, 3, 4 or more years ago – that can make a difference in your life insurance rate as well.

We have extensive experience in getting the best life insurance rates for smokers.  Use our instant quote calculator on this page to find out what your smoker rate could be, or give us a call at 858-703-6178 to discuss your options.  You can also request a consultation on our website.