How to Get Affordable Life Insurance If You Smoke Electronic Cigarettes


How life insurers rate e-cigarette smokers.

Many tobacco smokers are now turning to electronic cigarettes to help break the habit or simply to use these products as a more socially acceptable alternative.

The biggest question that many users have is whether they can still find affordable life insurance if they are using e-cigarettes.

How Life Insurance Companies View E-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have caused a dilemma for life insurance companies.  There are several issues that concern insurers when it comes to the health effects of “vaping” which is the term used to describe how users consume these products.

Concerns About The Health Effects of Electronic Cigarettes

There are plenty of studies which clearly show that tobacco products are unhealthy as it has been shown that they contain up to 4,000 chemicals, several of which are clearly carcinogenic or cancer causing.

Since electronic cigarettes are relatively new and only first entered the market in 2003, there are currently no known studies which can state whether these products have any known long term health risks.  This and lack of FDA regulation on production are the biggest concerns to many life insurers, many of which prefer to take a conservative “wait and see” approach.

Some potential health issues that surround electronic cigarettes and the intake of vaporized nicotine is whether its use will result in increased blood pressure or if its use contributes to a higher likelihood of causing a stroke.

Vaping Versus Smoking – The Cotinine Issue

The second main issue that concerns many life insurance companies is that they can’t be certain if a person is being truthful about whether they are using electronic cigarettes or actually using regular tobacco products.

The reason why this has occurred is because both e-cigarettes and tobacco both utilize nicotine which is the prime “smoking” substance that is tested for when you take a life insurance medical examination.

The existence of nicotine use is determined by the amount of cotinine found during the blood test.  Cotinine occurs when nicotine is metabolized and is the product that is found after nicotine has been ingested.

As both e-cigs and tobacco products contain nicotine, there is no way to specifically determine how the product was ingested and what delivery system was used.

Current View of Life Insurance Companies and E-Cigarettes

Roughly speaking, recent surveys reveal that most life insurance companies view e-cigarettes the same as regular cigarettes use and are likely to rate e-cigarettes in the same way as regular cigarette smokers.

And currently, the rates for smokers tend to be as high as 3 times what non-smokers pay.

This news may be very discouraging to those who are trying to quit or simply trying to use what is perceived to be a more healthy alternative than regular tobacco products.

The key is to work with an independent agent.  Whether you use e-cigarettes or even use marijuana and need life insurance; we will guide you to apply with the company that will offer the best rates for your situation.  Contact us today for help.  Remember that we work for you and not the life insurance companies.

No Exam Life Insurance for E-Cigarettes Users

There are numerous life insurance companies which now provide No Exam Life Insurance. You can expect to pay a bit more for these types of policies, but you can avoid the nuisance of having to take a medical exam and can get approved for a policy much sooner such as in just a few days or as fast as 15 minutes. If you dislike being poked with a needle, want convenience or are in a hurry to get a policy then this could be the right choice for your needs.

Can Electronic Cigarette Users Find Competitive Health Insurance Rates?

The answer is yes because the good news that e-cig users should keep in mind is that not all life insurers are the same because there are some companies out there that do offer non-smoking rates to e-cig users.  These companies are few and far between but they do exist.

One thing to keep in mind though if you hope to qualify for non-smoker rating is that you must not have consumed any cigarettes for at least a year.

The best way to find a company which might give you a more affordable policy if you use electronic cigarettes is by using an independent life insurance agent to pinpoint those companies for you.

You will find it very time consuming to do this on your own.  You will be more successful using an independent life insurance agent such as us because we have access to numerous companies.  An independent agent knows which companies are more lenient than others when it comes to any type of health related issues, and especially when it comes to e-cigarette users.

If you still have any questions about life insurance and electronic cigarettes or about any other health condition, then call Abrams Insurance Solutions at 858-703-6178.  We will answer your life insurance questions and help you save money on your coverage.